The program to strengthen the economy needs accurate statistics…

  • The program to strengthen the economy needs accurate statistics…
  • Aswasuma benefit is for the betterment of low income people…
  • Government does not ignore the low-income people when making decisions to strengthen the economy
  • It is unfortunate that eggs have to be imported from abroad
  • We have a blessed earth…
  • Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister said that accurate statistics are required to strengthen the economy and further he stated that Aswasuma benefit is for the betterment of low income people. At the same time he convinced that it is unfortunate to import eggs from abroad while we are having a blessed earth. He expressed these views on 17.01.2024 at the distribution of incubators held at the Matale district office.

These incubator machines are to be distributed to cover every district with the objective of strengthening the rural economy and uplifting small scale poultry farm owners. According to the Prime Minister’s request during his visit to China’s Yunnan Province, the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Qi Zhenhong gave the Prime Minister one hundred incubators and these machines are being distributed all over the island by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Hadabima Authority.

Speaking on this occasion Prime Minister stated that

These machines that we received from China are distributed in a way that every district gets the opportunity to use them. I hope that the development committee will support the effective implementation of this program in every district of the central province. All the Divisional Secretaries including the Government Agent should support this program.

Selections for the Aswasuma program are almost over. The first round of appeal hearing is currently being completed. In line with this program, as announced in the budget for the year 2024, the amount allocated for this program is being increased. It has been done for the benefit of our low income people. Such decisions are taken due to the need to manage the economy by understanding the difficulty of the life journey faced by the low income people.We ask for your support in implementing the decisions taken in this difficult period as a government for the safety of low-income people.

A government needs statistics not to punish anyone. Correct statistics should be prepared to strengthen the economy correctly. The support of all the government officials in the villages is required at this time on behalf of our country. It should be considered as a deep responsibility of the public sector to give a helping hand to the people who are living with hardships. If such public service is fulfilled, public support and participation can be obtained for various fields. Our field officers in the villages intervene in any problem of the people. Even if there is a flood, if there is a storm at night, even if you get caught in a hurricane and the houses are destroyed, you are the first to go there. Whether there is a duty order or not, every field of public administration that is doing a duty has spread to the village. At this time, we request you to support this program.

Let’s work hand in hand to make other production fields successful as well. We import eggs from abroad. It is a certain kind of unfortunate news. Eggs are also recommended as a nutritious food in school health programs. Since we had to face a backward situation in that respect, we had to import eggs from foreign countries.

We have a blessed earth.Whatever is cultivated on this earth bears fruit. The systematic and targeted program for that rich earth will be successful in 2024 with your support. There is a need for plans to effectively transform the currently underutilized government owned land in our country for the plantation industry. Upcountry was specifically mentioned in the budget.The colonial government declared the lands of our villages as their own. They had no right in this country. They came as foreigners and suppressed us and forcibly acquired the lands cultivated by the people in our villages and deprived us of our lands. That problem still exists today.

Opportunities should be provided for a new generation to enter this field as entrepreneurs through every arable land. Our hard work, confidence and desire affects the development. Our country produces the best cinnamon in the world. The world is requesting cinnamon from us. I believe that regional offices are showing special interest in this regard to develop this industry up to the international level.

Although many people made different predictions, the country was able to become self-sufficient last year. Rural people contributed more to it. At this important time, let us join hands and boost the rural economy.

Matale District Coordinating Committee Co-Chairman and Matale District Member of Parliament Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda, Member of Parliament Yadamini Gunawardena, Governor of the Central Province Lalith U Gamage,Attorny at Law, Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority Chairman Sarath Chandrasiri Withana, Matale District Secretary Tejani Thilakaratne, Additional District Secretary Mr.J.P. U Jayaratne, Additional District Secretary (Land) F.R.M Rialdeen and others joined the occasion.

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