Highlights From Galaxy Unpacked: The Promise of a New Beginning With Galaxy AI

5 Key Highlights at a Glance

  • New Ways To Connect: Live Translate in 13 languages, Chat Assist, Note Assist, Transcript Assist & More
  • New Ways To Search: Circle to Search with Google
  • New Ways To Create: A Suite of AI Tools Powered by ProVisual Engine, Galaxy Camera Experience on 3rd party Social Apps
  • New Ways To Play: Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy on Galaxy S24 Ultra, Exynos 2400 chipset
  • Sustainability and More: Recycled Materials, Samsung Health Expansion, Galaxy Ring

A new age of connection, creativity and collaboration began today at Galaxy Unpacked in San Jose. On January 17, Samsung Electronics announced a new era of mobile AI with the release of its Galaxy AI S24 series — forever changing how we interact with the world through our mobile devices.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business at Samsung Electronics, introduced Galaxy S24 series in his keynote address, emphasizing that Samsung Galaxy will be an open gateway for secure and meaningful AI experiences on a global scale. “Galaxy S24 is truly the phone of the future,” said TM Roh. “Together with Samsung Galaxy AI, we will reshape the technology landscape. We are opening a new chapter without barriers to unleash your potential.” With all-new ways to connect, search, create and play, read on to discover how Samsung is using AI to create human-centered experiences that ignite new possibilities.

New Ways To Connect: Breaking Down Language Barriers

Communication is key to our daily lives. This is why Galaxy AI offers innovative AI features to enhance user experiences, enabling seamless communication anywhere, anytime. Drew Blackard, Vice President of Mobile Product Management, Samsung Electronics America introduced this new range of features for the Galaxy S24 series via live demonstration.

The Galaxy S24 series offers Live Translate, real-time, two-way call translations within the native call app. The feature supports audio and text translations for up to 13 languages, no matter what phone the other person uses. Additionally, Galaxy AI is more secure as it operates on-device instead of relying on external cloud systems.

New Ways To Search: Partnering To Revolutionize the Mobile Search Framework

Samsung has a long history of partnering up to push the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver leading and premium experiences. TM Roh returned to the stage and introduced Google as the primary partner to lead the mobile AI era with the Galaxy S24 series.

New Ways To Create: Boosting Content Creation With Enhanced Camera Features

The Galaxy S24 Ultra can maximize users’ creative freedom with a wide-ranging suite of AI tools, powered by an all-new ProVisual Engine. Tara Rael, Product Specialist at  Samsung Electronics America, took the stage and played a concert video of the popular K-POP group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) shot with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The video, filmed as if the user were sitting in the front row, utilized Nightography Zoom on Galaxy S24 Ultra.

New Ways To Play: Optimal Mobile Gaming Experiences Through Powerful Performance

The latest AI features call for cutting-edge chip technology. That’s why the Galaxy S24 series is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy and Samsung’s Exynos 2400, respectively. With these, the device offers superior usability and faster and smoother gameplay alongside Ray tracing module for a more immersive gaming experience.

Galaxy S24 Ultra design utilized titanium for the first time on Galaxy smartphone for an unparalleled premium feel and enhanced durability. The thinnest model yet, the device features a flat front edge display compatible with the S Pen and a more vivid and durable screen with even bezels.

Sustainability and More: Samsung’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

The next frontier of innovation can and should do more for people and the planet. For the first time in a Galaxy device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery features a minimum of 50% recycled cobalt, while all the magnets in the speaker are made from 100% recycled rare earth elements. Additionally, every Galaxy S24 series is packaged in 100% recycled paper. Looking forward, the company aims to incorporate at least one recycled material in every module of all its mobile products by 2030, advancing its commitment to sustainability.

Concluding the presentation, Matthew Wiggins gave an exciting glimpse of Samsung’s brand-new, powerful and accessible health and wellness device: the Galaxy Ring.

That’s a wrap! If you couldn’t tune in to the full event, take a look at the video below for a full replay of this January’s Unpacked 2024 showcase. Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom’s complete coverage of the event to learn more about the new era of technology — all powered by Galaxy AI.

Samsung, a leading global technology company committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology, continues to shape the future of technology with its dedication to excellence.

As Sri Lanka’s No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been honored with the prestigious title of ‘People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year’ for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. With a vast customer base encompassing all age groups, Samsung’s dedication to meeting the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial segments remains unwavering.

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