Samsung Continues to Lead the Digital Signage Market for 14 Consecutive Years with Innovative Immersive Solutions

Samsung Electronics, a pioneer in digital signage technology, celebrates its 14th year as the market leader, maintaining its position at the forefront of innovation and revolutionizing the role of digital signage in various sectors. As the digital signage market is projected to exceed $35 billion by 2026 according to Fortune Business Insight, Samsung has consistently expanded the boundaries of this dynamic industry.

Over the past decade, digital signage has evolved from being a mere advertising display to a powerful platform for personalized information, education, sports, art, and more. Samsung’s Smart Signages have played a pivotal role in this transformation, offering flexibility and versatility that goes beyond traditional technology like whiteboards and projectors.

In 2023, Samsung continued to advance immersion across various fields, creating a total experience for organizations that adopt its technology. From historic monuments like St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City to ultra-luxury resorts such as Atlantis the Royal in Dubai, Samsung’s high-precision LED displays and audio solutions have enhanced events and created awe-inspiring environments.

One notable example is the collaboration with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, where Samsung’s immersive room equipped with 18 meters of LED screens redefines the learning experience. Recognized as an “Education Project of the Year” Finalist at the AV Awards 2023, the University’s immersive space showcases Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of education through digital signage.

Samsung’s impact on education also extends to the Hogg New Tech Center in Dallas, Texas, where the Flip Pro interactive display facilitates interactive learning and collaboration, earning Samsung recognition as the Best Overall IT Solution Provider for the Education Market at the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.

The Wall for Virtual Production, a new addition to Samsung’s product lineup, demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting creativity in the TV, film, and creative industries. It allows creatives to use ultra-large LED walls to create virtual content with real-time visual effects technology, reducing production time and costs.

Samsung’s role as a digital art platform is exemplified by its collaboration with contemporary artists like the late Park Seo-Bo and Dutch-American audiovisual artist 0010×0010. Exhibitions in locations such as New York’s Rockefeller Center and Bangkok, Thailand, showcase how Samsung’s technology brings art to life, redefining the boundaries of modern art and exploring the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.

As Samsung’s Smart Signage continues to revolutionize various sectors globally, the company looks forward to the future, anticipating further advancements and redefining the experience of digital communication for years to come.

Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology, offering innovative solutions that empower individuals and businesses. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Samsung continues to lead the digital signage market for the 14th consecutive year.

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