Caltex Havoline achieves 10,000 kilometers extended drain interval in Sri Lanka from a single oil drain

Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC (CLLP), in a groundbreaking move within the Sri Lankan lubricant industry, is proud to announce that its proprietary product, Caltex Havoline has achieved a significant milestone by concluding a 10,000 kilometers mileage trial with its Pro DS Fully Synthetic Eco series. This proof of performance, recently announced to the public at a press conference, establishes the claim of completing 10,000 kilometers using a single oil drain is achievable in Sri Lanka under local environmental conditions. This achievement reinforces Chevron’s commitment to continuous innovation and offering the highest standards of engine lubricants in the passenger motor car oil (PCMO) segment to Sri Lankans. 

The extensive proof of performance serves as a testament to Caltex Havoline’s assurance to addressing the unique demands of consumers. The Pro DS Fully Synthetic Eco series by Caltex Havoline, tailored for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and Hybrid passenger cars, has undergone rigorous testing to validate the 10,000km Extended Drain Interval (EDI) claim. This validation elevates Chevron Lubricants Lanka as the only company in Sri Lanka to have conducted such a proof of performance using extensive field trials.

Caltex Havoline Pro DS Fully Synthetic ECO engine oils with Deposit Shield® Technology is ideal for the high demands of engines and provides dynamic protection and performance where needed most. Its strength and durability give engines power and performance, protecting them against harmful deposits and wear and tear.

The Deposit Shield® Technology is a cleaning formula designed for advanced protection to prolong high-performance engines’ peak performance and efficiency, specifically for those operating in heavy stop-and-go driving conditions, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads. It offers excellent protection for vehicles with direct injection, turbochargers, and those requiring full synthetic motor oil.

This achievement is significant as Caltex Havoline embarks on a strategic partnership with Mahela Jayawardena, former Sri Lanka Cricket captain and legendary cricketer. During the press conference, he was appointed as the official brand ambassador of Caltex Havoline in Sri Lanka. His legacy of excellence aligns seamlessly with Caltex Havoline’s ethos, emphasizing reliability, innovation, and a commitment to quality. Furthermore, the collaboration between Caltex Havoline and Mahela Jayawardena is a strategic move to enhance the brand’s visibility and to connect at a deeper level with consumers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mahela Jayawardena as our ambassador. His strong legacy and reputation for excellence align perfectly with Caltex Havoline’s brand values. Additionally, the intersection of Caltex Havoline’s significant milestone and the strategic partnership with Mahela sets the stage for a compelling narrative of innovation, credibility, and reliability. This convergence positions Caltex Havoline as not only a leading player in the PCMO segment but also a brand that aligns with the aspirations and values of Sri Lankans, fostering a stronger connection in an ever-evolving marketplace,” said Managing Director/CEO, Bertram Paul. 

Commenting on his collaboration with Caltex Havoline, Mahela Jayawardena said, “I am truly excited to embark on this journey with Caltex Havoline, a brand that mirrors my commitment to excellence. The achievement of a 10,000 kilometers extended drain interval claim in Sri Lanka is a significant milestone, showcasing not only the brand’s technical prowess but also its dedication to addressing the unique needs of local consumers. This partnership with Caltex Havoline is about aligning with a brand that values reliability, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection. I believe in the potential of this collaboration to resonate with consumers on a deeper level, offering them a product that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.”

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Image 01 – From left: Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC Head of Marketing Tehan Samarasinghe, Managing Director/CEO Bertram Paul and Head of Technical Arjuna Imbulapitiya with Caltex Havoline Brand Ambassador Mahela Jayawardena

Mahela Jayawardena speaking at the event

About Caltex Havoline

Caltex Havoline® has been on the road for over 100 years and Caltex Havoline with Deposit Shield® Technology expands the definition of motor oil protection. Caltex Havoline products are grounded in science and so are our product claims. It helps protect what today’s drivers care most about: Performance, Fuel Economy and Engine Life. Caltex Havoline is used in more countries than any other brand of motor oil. Over 30 million motorists depend on Caltex Havoline advanced motor oil technology to continuously protect their engines against premature wear.

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