Tencent and Gamer.LK Release Their Collaborative Project, LVL 100, a PUBG MOBILE Documentary

InGame Esports, the global brand of the trailblazing Games & Esports organisation in Sri Lanka, Gamer.LK has once again collaborated with Tencent Games to deliver an immersive documentary experience, “LVL 100,” celebrating the one-year anniversary of PUBG MOBILE’s innovative game mode, World of Wonder.

The documentary, which explores the creative sub-culture within World of Wonder, takes viewers on a journey across three distinct locations, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK successfully managed the video production across these diverse settings, showcasing the agency’s commitment to delivering high-quality content across borders.

Notably, Gamer.LK ensured that all footage captured in Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka were seamlessly translated before entering the editing phase, emphasizing the agency’s dedication to linguistic and cultural accuracy in storytelling.

Reflecting on this important achievement, Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of Gamer.LK and InGame Esports said, “As a Sri Lankan company, we are pleased to work with a global behemoth like Tencent Games on remarkably exciting projects. By bridging different cultural and regional boundaries, our team was able to bring to life a unique documentary, showcasing our dedication and staying true to our commitment for excellence.”

This collaboration marks the second time PUBG MOBILE has entrusted InGame Esports, Gamer.LK’s global brand with the creation of a documentary. In 2021, the two entities joined forces to produce “PUBG MOBILE Dreamers,” a series shedding light on Esports athletes in the Mongolian and Nepali PUBG MOBILE scene. The success of this partnership led to the creation of other innovative projects, including the “Fan Chat” entertainment segment.

The “Fan Chat” segment has become a staple in professional PUBG MOBILE leagues, offering a unique blend of gossip, news, and memes from the gaming community. Hosted simultaneously in Nepal, Pakistan, and Mongolia during the PUBG MOBILE Pro Leagues and PUBG MOBILE Global Championship 2022, “Fan Chat” has become a bridge connecting Esports enthusiasts across the South Asian region.

The growing relationship between Gamer.LK and PUBG MOBILE reflects a synergistic partnership that continues to evolve and thrive over time. Both entities share a commitment to fostering the Esports and gaming ecosystem, evident in the success of past collaborations and the anticipation surrounding “LVL 100.”

Gamer.LK’s’ ability to seamlessly navigate cultural nuances, coupled with PUBG MOBILE’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of Esports storytelling, has resulted in a powerful synergy that elevates the gaming experience for fans worldwide. As the Esports landscape continues to expand, this dynamic collaboration promises even more groundbreaking content and experiences for the gaming community.


Gamer.LK is Sri Lanka’s premier Games & Esports organisation with over 15 years of experience in organising Esports activities and tournaments in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK’s consistent efforts in organising Esports events and creating a holistic ecosystem around Esports and related activities have led to rapid growth in Esports in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK has also extended its industry expertise to international markets, mainly in South Asia by creating experiences for the region such as the IGE South Asia Cup.

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