Microsoft AI: Enhancing Your Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence, a prominent aspect of modern technology, is central to Microsoft’s innovation focus. It seamlessly integrates into our lives, enhancing daily routines with features like predictive text and personalized information. With the advancements we make in Microsoft AI, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations worldwide, ensuring its development is both impactful and responsible. This article highlights how Microsoft AI tools like Bing Search and Microsoft Designer can enhance efficiency and offer valuable solutions for various tasks, making them seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

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Microsoft Bing for Reinvented Search

The launch of the AI-powered Bing search engine earlier last year helped empower people to unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation, and better harness the world’s knowledge. With Bing Search, Microsoft was eager to improve how the world benefits from the web by reinventing the tools billions of people use every day.

The new Bing enables better search with the improved version of the familiar search experience. As a student, an entrepreneur or a sports fan, you can expect the most relevant results for your simple search.

With the addition of the new, interactive chat experience, Bing can now help you write an email or even create a 5-day itinerary around Sri Lanka – Bing has got you covered!

But that’s not all – Bing’s excitement extends to your love for music, not only assisting in uncovering fresh tunes but also effortlessly keeping you updated on your favorite artists – you just need to ask Bing! Whether you’re a music enthusiast or eager to learn a new skill, Bing brings an element of excitement to your online endeavors, making it a versatile companion in your quest for knowledge, discovery, and entertainment.

Jump into Bing Search here.

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Microsoft Designer – Bring your Best Ideas to Life

In today’s world, creativity is highly valued, fueling the need for tools that boost productivity and facilitate creative expression. The challenge of design fatigue, especially during tight deadlines, can hinder inspiration and productivity. To combat this, the PowerPoint team introduced PowerPoint Designer, an AI-driven solution that revolutionized slide creation. Its success highlighted the potential of AI in design, paving the way for Microsoft Designer, a standalone application focused on igniting creativity instantly. With Microsoft Designer, users can streamline their creative process, overcome obstacles, and effortlessly produce impressive designs.Top of Form

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As Designer leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology, you can get started on new ideas, create unique and high-quality graphics in less time, and uplevel content, with or without enough knowledge in designing.

Microsoft Designer is crafted to prioritize user convenience by simplifying the creative process. With its Image Creator feature, crafting images from your words is as simple as typing a few words, and in seconds, you’ll have a full design at your fingertips.Top of Form

Driven by generative AI, Designer will create high quality images for you with one-click design suggestions. Similarly, with Designer’s additional features like Design Creator, Sticker Creator and Remove Background, Microsoft Designer seamlessly integrates into your workflow, ensuring a smooth and inspired creative journey. So, the next time you’re looking to create unique designs based on your ideas – head to Microsoft Designer.

Begin your creative journey with Microsoft Designer here.

Image Created by Image Creator on Microsoft Designer with the prompt “A flavorful breakfast of pancakes on a plate, with a side of jam and topped with butter, served with a coffee mug, realistic 3D animation.”

Image Created by Image Creator on Microsoft Designer with the prompt “A penguin dancing with a hula hoop on a beach in Hawaii, stop motion Claymation style, use depth of field and vibrant colors.”

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The adoption of AI in Sri Lanka is on the rise, and with the support of Microsoft AI, the potential for continuous learning is abundant. As AI becomes increasingly integrated in our daily lives, keep an eye out for new tools and methodologies. Embrace a mindset of continuous adaptation, as doing so not only enriches your skill set but also positions you to make a meaningful contribution to the evolving narrative of AI development in Sri Lanka.

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