CEMS-Global USA’s 3 Comprehensive International Exhibitions focused on theentire Textile & Garment Industry of Sri Lanka from 29th Feb

From 29 Feb to 2 March 2024, the entire Textile and Garment Industry of Sri Lanka will once again
converge for the Sri Lankan edition of CEMS-Global USA’s Textile Series of Exhibitions – 11th Textech Sri
Lanka 2024 International Expo on Textile, Garment Technology and Machinery; 13th Colombo International
Yarn & Fabric Show 2024 featuring International Yarn, Fabric, Trims and Accessories Manufacturers and
Dye+Chem Sri Lanka 2024 International Expo showcasing Dyestuff and Fine & Specialty Chemicals.
Organized to facilitate collaboration, showcase the latest technologies, and foster trade relationships, these
3 comprehensive exhibitions promise to be a cornerstone for the textile and apparel sector’s growth in Sri
Lanka, and are scheduled to held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC), in Colombo
CEMS Global USA’s B2B Trade Exhibitions span various industries and 4 continents, and one of its notable
series focuses on the Textile sector. Our Textile Series of Exhibitions which are held in Bangladesh, Brazil,
Morocco, Sri Lanka and Thailand; serve as a vital platform for Global Manufacturers of the textile and
apparel sector to come together, tap highly potential markets, and showcase the latest trends, products,
and technologies.
Textech Sri Lanka 2024, now in its 11th edition, continues its legacy of being a premier platform for textile,
garment machinery and technology. With exhibitors from across the globe, the event is poised to highlight
cutting-edge innovations in machinery. This edition promises to be a beacon of progress for Sri Lanka’s
textile and apparel manufacturing capabilities.
Concurrently, the 13th Colombo Yarn and Fabric Show 2024 will showcase a diverse array of yarns,
fabrics, and related materials. From natural fibers to synthetic blends, visitors from the Sri Lanka industry
can explore an extensive range of products suited for diverse manufacturing applications in fashion, home
textiles, and technical textiles. This event serves as a vital link between suppliers, manufacturers, and the
Sri Lankan Industry, fostering collaboration and driving the industry forward.
Complementing these exhibitions is the 43rd Dyechem Sri Lanka 2024 International Expo, dedicated to
dyes, chemicals, and auxiliary agents for the textile and garment sector. Recognizing the critical role of
sustainable practices in the industry, this expo will feature eco-friendly solutions, innovative dyeing
techniques, and advancements in chemical processing that promote environmental responsibility without
compromising on quality or performance.
One of the highlights of CEMS Global USA’s Textile Series of Exhibitions is its commitment to showcasing
innovation and sustainability. As the textile industry evolves to meet the demands of an ever-changing
world, these exhibitions provide a platform for Manufacturers to showcase their cutting-edge technologies,
sustainable practices, and eco-friendly materials.
Through our Sri Lankan editions of the Textile Series of Exhibitions, visitors from the entire Textile and
Garment Industry of Sri Lanka can see a diverse range of textile products and solutions including Textile
Apparel Machinery, Yarn, Fabric, Apparel, Trims, Accessories, Dyestuff and chemicals. These exhibitions
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cover the entire textile value chain, from raw materials to finished products, enabling visitors to network with
Worldwide Manufacturers under one roof, and forge cross-border relationships & new partnerships.
The 11th Textech Sri Lanka 2024, 13th Colombo Yarn and Fabric Show 2024, and 43rd Dyechem Sri Lanka
2024 International Expo promise to be pivotal events that redefine the textile and garment industry’s
trajectory in Sri Lanka and beyond.
CEMS-Global USA, based in New York, a professional Multinational Exhibition & Convention Organizer,
having its operations across 4 continents. Established in 1992, CEMS-Global, in this span of over 32 years
has been committed to organizing Professional B2B Trade Shows for important Business sectors of the
trade and economy.
In this span of over 3 decades, CEMS-Global has partnered with several Business Associations, Chambers
of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, International Trade Promotion organizations, and Governments.
Our successful 40 Trade shows per annum in highly potential and developing countries of the world across
4 continents have benefited hundreds of thousands of Manufacturers, several Industry sectors and boosted
International Trade & Development in many countries.
CEMS-Global entered Sri Lanka immediately after the end of the civil war in 2009 and launched its
operations as CEMS Lanka. Since then, CEMS-Global with its CEMS Lanka office has been giving all its
efforts and held important B2B Trade Shows for the Textile & Apparel Industry, Logistics & Shipping, and
Power & Energy sectors of the country.
These 3 Comprehensive Exhibitions will run from 29th Feb to 2nd March 2024 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
For more information, please visit www.cems-textech.com, www.cems-yarnandfabric.com, www.cemsdyechem.com, on WhatsApp at +1-212-914-7414 or email at srilanka@cems-global.com

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