Airtel improves customer internet experiences with implementation of state-of-art Internet Caching Platform

Airtel Lanka users can expect a significantly smoother and faster mobile internet experience following the telco’s landmark partnership with content delivery network (CDN) services provider ‘DataCamp Limited’

Through the partnership, Airtel Lanka is now deploying DataCamp’s CDN77 Caching Platform – including hardware and software solutions at their Maligawatta and Kadawatha data centers – equipping them with the capability to handle up to 60Gbps of traffic collectively.

CDN77 deploys cache platforms around the world across data centers as well as among certain mobile operators’ like Airtel Lanka. This in turn enables a close proximity to end-users devices, resulting in faster, smoother, and more reliable network quality experiences for customers as their content is stored in a nearby data center, instead of reaching out for content hosted far away at a distant data center 

“At Airtel Lanka, we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance value for our customers. In addition to investing in our physical network infrastructure, we are also keen to strategically partner, and collaborate with others in tech-telco eco-system to further enhance the value we can deliver to Airtel customers.

“Our roll-out of the CDN77 platform in partnership with DataCamp is another example of this approach in action, and is sure to provide customers with a significant boost to their mobile internet experience,” Airtel Lanka CEO/MD, Ashish Chandra said.  

The platform also comes with built-in redundancy measures in the event one data center failing – enabling the other data center to take over seamlessly, until the other comes back online, enabling greater resilience and stability across the entire Airtel Lanka network.

Traffic generated from customers will be channeled through the CDN77 Caching Platform, and in the event the requested content is not available at the time of request, the platform will request this content from the original host location and update the Airtel cache platform, thus allowing users to more efficiently access the content from the cache thereafter.

This means that customers will have high-speed access to their favorite and on-demand online media including movies, music, sports as well as educational content. It will also enable Airtel to leapfrog the competition, with drastically improved service quality and efficiency to the already leading technological benefits coming from Bharti Airtel, the world’s third largest mobile operator globally.

Airtel relies on local cache platforms for at least 56 percent of subscriber traffic. This will undoubtedly improve the overall user experience, while also helping to conserve foreign exchange by reducing the need for international bandwidth and accompanying tariffs.

Bharti Airtel Lanka commenced commercial operations of services in Sri Lanka in 2009 and was the fastest operator to reach 1 million customers. The Airtel Lanka offering of technology innovation and service excellence has seen rapid adoption rates among the Sri Lanka youth. Registered under the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka, Airtel Lanka provides digital mobile services which include voice, data and enterprise solutions and currently ranked the fastest 3G mobile network provider in Sri Lanka.

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