Samsung Sri Lanka champions International Women’s Day 2024 by #InspiringInclusion

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, Samsung Sri Lanka proudly stands as a beacon of empowerment, championing a future where inclusion is not just a goal but a lived reality. As the global electronics leader commemorates this day under the banner of ‘Inspire Inclusion’, it serves as a powerful reminder of its commitment to fostering an environment where every woman feels recognized, valued, and empowered.

This year’s theme resonates deeply with Samsung’s ethos, reflecting a genuine dedication to creating a workplace culture where diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is the norm. It’s not merely a slogan; it’s a call to action, urging all to reflect on the vital role women play in every aspect of society and to actively work towards their inclusion and empowerment.

Throughout the organization, voices resonate with the spirit of inclusion. From fostering diverse leadership to championing flexible working arrangements, Samsung Sri Lanka strives to create an environment where every individual, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to thrive.

Nadeesha Lakmalee, ( Samsung HR division), shared her thoughts on her experience at Samsung Sri Lanka. Bringing to spotlight the ideal empowerment at Samsung from the perspectives of human resource management, she shared, “Making a commitment to inspiring inclusion is critical for our organization. By making everyone feel included, we’re able to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent in Women.” Kumudi Gayanjalee (Samsung Finance Division ), echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the collective responsibility in fostering inclusion. “I believe that everyone at Samsung has a part to play in inspiring inclusion. Whether it’s by developing our future female leaders, or supporting flexible working, we can all work to ensure everyone feels included.” Nilanga Ranagala, (Samsung Finance Division) further to this topic of financial inclusion for the broader impact of women’s inclusion. “When we inspire people to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion support our strategy for continuous innovation in our lives. Happy International Women’s Day.”

In a world and industry where communication is the driving force, marketing stands as a pillar of communicating excellence and inclusion at one’s workplace. Leveraging this pillar, Pawani Lakshani, (Marketing Division –MX), expressed excitement about the increasing representation of women at Samsung Sri Lanka. “At Samsung, we are excited to see more women in each department and handling senior leadership. The diversity of our workforce is making us a more vital partner for our customers; it is the DNA of our culture.” Upuli Ratnaike, (Marketing Division CE), reflected on the progress made in women’s equality and the importance of continued advocacy. “While great strides have been made for women’s equality throughout the years, women are still sadly underrepresented in most industries. However, in the present time, for the vast majority of businesses, diversity and inclusivity are considered fundamental pillars of progress. This campaign serves as a reminder to champion inclusivity as it helps foster innovation, creativity, and collective growth.”

Notably Sachindra Perera, (Marketing Division –MX), shared with a reaffirmation of Samsung’s dedication to promoting inclusion. “At Samsung, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we will continue to inspire inclusion and help forge a better future for all women.”

The title of market leadership was earned by Samsung, for its excellence in both product innovation, and unparalleled customer experience. While driving their home brand towards this title, managing internal inclusion at the workplace is no small feat. Ruth Krishanthini, (Samsung Service & Customer Satisfaction Division) emphasized the invaluable contributions of women to business success and this coveted title. “Women at Samsung are essential to the success of the business. With women in the conversation, we undeniably have more opportunities to bring new insights, concepts, and progressive solutions to the table.” Shehani Fernando, (Product Manager – CE, ) reiterated Samsung’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. “At Samsung, we believe our strength lies in our differences. It makes us unique and brings together the best in women. With this belief, we started working towards building a more diverse and dynamic workforce.”

“Inspire unity, embrace the diversity, and together, we shine brighter and even more brighter “. These taglines serve as a reminder to me that our unity as a group and our diversity are what make us strong. By cultivating an environment that values inclusivity, empathy, and respect, we not only help our team reach its full potential but also establish a productive environment where, everyone feels appreciated and encouraged to thrive” added by Dhibucia Fernando ( Samsung Customer Care division)

Cinthujaa Anthony ( Samsung Customer Care division) also shared her view  about the  Inspire inclusion at work place “In my view Inspiring inclusion at Samsung it’s all about creating a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute the unique perspectives and talents. This includes diversity in demographics, thought, experience, and background. Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of the workforce, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability, creates a culture where everyone feels seen and heard”

Connecting all these aspects are the leaders who drive the force towards excellence, but rarely do we acknowledge those supporting these leaders in implementing and decisions. Chalanika Thilakshi, ( Samsung Support )and a pivotal part of Samsung Sri Lanka’s excellence in-house, urged for continued efforts in challenging norms and inspiring future generations of women. “This International Women’s Day, let us all continue to challenge the status quo by risking first, recognizing our uniqueness, and reaching out to inspire and empower a new generation of women.”

In reflecting on the celebration of women in the workforce, Mr. SangHwa Song, Managing Director at Samsung Sri Lanka, expressed, “It is both a privilege and an honor to be a part of Samsung Sri Lanka, where we witness exemplary examples of female leadership and empowerment everyday. We are committed to perpetuating this culture, not only within Sri Lanka but also on a global scale!”

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, Samsung Sri Lanka calls for unity in challenging norms, embracing diversity, and empowering the next generation of women. Together, let’s create a world where every woman’s voice is valued and every opportunity is within reach.

From the left (Top) Tharuka, Sachindra, Nilanga, Dhibucia, Nadeesha, Shehani, Pawani ,Upuli, Ruth, Kumudi, Chalanika, Cinthujaa and Harshini  

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