SLT-MOBITEL propels its workforce into the digital era by leveraging Microsoft Productivity and Security Solutions

SLT-MOBITEL, the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Provider, has recently taken a leap forward in digital transformation by deploying Microsoft Productivity and Security Solutions for frontline workers, sensitive information workers and senior executives. With a focus on privacy, security, reliability, and trust, SLT-MOBITEL aims to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and fortify cyber resilience in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

In response to the escalating demands of managing infrastructure and fostering digital collaboration, SLT-MOBITEL identified the need for unified efficiency among its workforce and robust security measures. The organization decided to address these demands by increasing their existing use of Microsoft products and integrating them into a unified platform. This decision enables them to navigate compliance requirements, maintain privacy standards, and enhance competitiveness in the market. Accordingly, SLT-MOBITEL ushers in a new era of secure communication, transcending traditional barriers and empowering teams to collaborate effectively using products like Microsoft Teams.

Speaking on the deployment, R. Mayooran, Deputy General Manager – Systems, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC “Understanding the transformative power of technology, we at Sri Lanka Telecom PLC are excited to announce our adoption and deployment of Microsoft 365. This strategic move underscores our continuous commitment to drive innovation and empower our teams with best-in-class digital solutions. By leveraging the comprehensive suite of productivity tools offered by M365, we are poised to transform the way businesses operate, fostering seamless collaboration, enhancing productivity, and ensuring data security. Our partnership with Microsoft reflects our dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape and delivering unparalleled value with Microsoft 365 like never before.”

With the evolving landscape of remote work, SLT-MOBITEL adopted Microsoft 365 F3 and Microsoft 365 F5 Security for frontline workers. This enabled them to experience a transformative shift in its operational dynamics and empowered SLT-MOBITEL to foster a cohesive work environment across locations, enabling seamless connectivity for employees regardless of their whereabouts. This shift has remarkably benefited SLT-MOBITEL’s on-field staff, eliminating the necessity of being physically present in the office to access essential applications like emails and documents, and securely access their M365 platform. Through Microsoft 365 E3, now they can effortlessly connect from anywhere at any time with real time collaboration.

As SLT-MOBITEL continues their cloud migration journey, security remains a top priority. By deploying Microsoft 365 E5 Security and Microsoft 365 E5 for sensitive information workers and high-ranking officers, these advanced AI-driven solutions have proactively protected employees, data, and customer information. By leveraging M365 E5, SLT-MOBITEL has been able to seamlessly integrate information protection and compliance, ensuring robust data security while allowing easy access to the right people. Microsoft’s AI-powered security products enabled SLT-MOBITEL to fortify end-user devices and services, and with a single dashboard has significantly reduced SLT-MOBITEL’s response time.

Harsha Randeny, Country Manager for Microsoft Sri Lanka and Maldives expressed his enthusiasm about the adoption by SLT-MOBITEL. “It is truly impressive to witness SLT-MOBITEL, with its rich history of over 163 years, continue to embrace Microsoft Technologies and propel forward into the era of AI and technology. As, one of our long-time customers and partners, we thank SLT-MOBITEL for trusting us and showing their dedication to innovation in the telecommunications industry. Microsoft looks forward to continuing empowering SLT-MOBITEL through our technological solutions that will enable SLT-MOBITEL to harness the power of innovation and emerging technology to pave the way for growth and success.”

A notable challenge faced during discussions with SLT-MOBITEL was introducing the technology to their employees and ensuring acceptance. To address this hurdle, SLT-MOBITEL has implemented and prioritized extensive training programs in collaboration with a Microsoft partner. These efforts aim to facilitate a smoother adoption of technology and foster acceptance among staff, signaling SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to actively embrace modern technology.

Looking ahead, SLT-MOBITEL’s focus remains on empowering its workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the evolving landscape. As SLT-MOBITEL continues to innovate solutions that prioritize customer protection, collaboration, and cloud security, Microsoft is excited to support SLT-MOBITEL in driving progress and empowering the nation while aiming to be the most trusted co-innovation partner for the telecommunications industry.

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Representatives from Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) and Microsoft including Janaka Abeysinghe – Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom, Tilak Gamalath – Chief Technology Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom, Samik Roy – Executive Director – Corporate, Medium, and Small Businesses, Microsoft India and South Asia, Harsha Randeny – Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka and Maldives pose for a photograph.

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