Empowering Your Digital Fortress: Where Cybersecurity meets Unrivaled Protection for Every Digital Realm

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC., in partnership with Bahrain-based award-winning cybersecurity solutions partner, CTM360, now presents a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform empowering organizations and enterprises to navigate the digital landscape confidently amidst ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

A holistic solution stack to address the current cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations, CTM360’s fully integrated, security platform operates in real-time, outside the firewall of an organization, and does not require any configuration or installation.

Proficient in External Attack Surface Management (EASM), CTM360 features cloud-based Auto Discovery of digital assets, maintains a digital asset inventory and is capable of carrying out Security Ratings and External Asset Vulnerability Detection, along with effective mitigation guidelines.

TheDigital Risk Protection (DRP) stack features surface, deep & dark web monitoring, brand protection and anti-phishing while specializing in protection against data and credential leakage, and scam detection, including social media fraud, online scams, and Executive Impersonations. It also handles unlimited incident takedowns of detrimental cyber incidents.

CTM360’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capabilities comprise extended guidelines against the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures used by threat actors and ransomware, while its Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) features Security Rating and Analytics to assess the cybersecurity posture and digital health of organizations.

Mirza Asrar Baig, the renowned cybersecurity visionary and CEO of CTM360, expressed his heartening confidence in the ideal partnership with Dialog Enterprise, emphasizing on CTM360‘s expertise in the DRPS, EASM, and CTI domains. Reflecting upon CTM360’s continuous learning journey, Baig highlighted the importance of agility and adaptability as the basis of defense in cybersecurity.

“An effective DRP is capable of mapping the attack surface assessing its potential threats, constantly monitoring all surfaces by gathering cyber threat intelligence from multiple sources, and mitigating threats scaled across the organization, effectively managing the threat data flows with DRP workflows, all the while ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization’s most critical services”, explained Navin Pieris, Group Chief Officer of Dialog Enterprise. “In that context, we have just been boosted with a headstart in cybersecurity for our enterprise expeditions with the privilege of CTM360 partnering with us”, he added further.

In testament to CTM360‘s capabilities, the company has been acknowledged by Forrester in 2018 in The Forrester New Wave Report – Digital Risk Protection, by Gartner for Critical Insights in Digital Risk Protection Services in 2020, and 2022, CTM360 received the Frost & Sullivan Global Risk Protection Enabling Technology Leadership award, further solidifying its position as a key player in the cybersecurity arena.

CTM360 operates as a fully managed technology platform in the cloud, strategically positioned outside an organization’s traditional perimeter. The web-based portal is designed to offer role-based analytics and configurable dashboards, providing a practical tool for managerial decision-making. CEOs, COOs, and members of the Board can have a real-time, simplified view of the organization’s Cybersecurity Posture, while more technical savvy roles like CIOs and CISOs can have a more detailed real-time snapshot of the organization’s Digital Health. These simplified dashboards facilitate C-level decision makers to effectively focus on what is important, aiding in the reinforcement of cybersecurity measures.

The platform’s appeal lies in its function as a turn-key solution, coupled with 24/7 expert support. Notably, CTM360‘s risk protection platform takes a unique approach by consolidating various external security verticals into a single unified unit.

From Left to Right: Mirza Asrar Baig – Founder and CEO of CTM360 and Navin Pieris – Group Chief Officer – Dialog Enterprise.

From Left to Right: Venura Mendis – Head of ICT Business, Rohan Speldewinde – Ambassador of CTM360, Mirza Asrar Baig – Founder and CEO of CTM360, Navin Pieris – Group Chief Officer – Dialog Enterprise, Ramesh Indika – Product Head Security, Sachitha Wimalasiri – Assistant Product Manager.

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