Hayleys Eco Solutions Unveils “ENTWINE”: holistic ESG Roadmap for 2030

Sri Lanka’s leading value-added eco-friendly coir fibre exporter charts journey towards purpose-led future

Hayleys Eco Solutions, Sri Lanka’s leading traditional and value-added exporter of coconut fibre and coco peat-based products and a member of the Hayleys Group announced the launch of “Entwine”, its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Roadmap for 2030.

Derived from the concept of intertwining, “Entwine” signifies the profound connection between the business, people and the planet. Aligned with the Hayleys Lifecode, Entwine is anchored to four pillars: Nurturing Our Planet, Optimising Resources, Improving Lives, and Responsible Leadership.

The launch of Entwine took place during a special ceremony attended by Hayleys PLC Chairman and Chief Executive – Mohan Pandithage, Eco Solutions Sector Deputy Chairman – Rajitha Kariyawasan and Managing Director – Rajeeve Goonetileke, and employees representing all departments of the Eco Solutions sector.

“Sustainable innovation has been a core pillar of our export manufacturing businesses for more than 146 years. Eco friendly products made out of coconut fibre –considered as a by-product – was the very first business on which the Hayleys Group was founded and continues to thrive.

“The launch of Entwine, therefore represents a significant milestone for the Hayleys Group. By formally integrating ESG principles into its operations, Hayleys Eco Solutions is aligning itself with the broader commitments set out in the Hayleys Lifecode, and ensuring that our unbroken legacy of sustainable innovation continues to thrive as we move forward,” Hayleys Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mohan Pandithage said. 

Aligned to Hayleys Eco Solutions’ overarching purpose of “inspiring innovative and inclusive eco-friendly living”, Entwine will serve as a blueprint, detailing its 2030 ESG targets and action plans.

These include a 15% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 Green House Gas emissions; increased reliance on sustainable and renewable energy sources to 65%; achieving 10% reduction in energy intensity; 75% sustainable packaging material; and zero waste-to-landfill of coir-based material.

“The Entwine ESG Framework strengthens our existing link between environmental stewardship and economic success, and represents our commitment towards our sector’s journey to integrate ESG principles deeply within our operations, to ensure that as we continue to grow and innovate, we also ensure that we have a lasting positive impact on our planet, our people, and our future,” Eco Solutions Managing Director, Rajeeve Goonetileke said.

With a rich heritage spanning 146 years, the Hayleys Eco Solutions Sector is Sri Lanka’s foremost manufacturer and exporter of coconut fibre-based products. Offering an expansive portfolio, the sector delivers innovative, sustainable, and high-quality products for diverse applications in both domestic and industrial spheres.

This includes woven and non-woven geotextiles for natural shoreline stabilisation, horticulture and bedding products such as coir molded items and moisture retainers, and growing media like grow bags for open field and protected cultivation. Additionally, 100% biodegradable solutions like needled felt, coir twine, and twisted fibre are provided for domestic and commercial markets. In the brushware category, natural fibre brushes and brooms are manufactured for various applications.

For floor coverings, a diverse coir-based portfolio, including scraper mats, boot scrapers, flocked mats, PVC back tufted coir mats, woven coir mats, combination mats, and rubber mats, provide eco-friendly solutions to keep homes and workspaces clean from snow, dust, dirt, and mud.

Globally recognised for its product capabilities, domain knowledge, and competitive edge, Hayleys Eco Solutions has expanded its customer footprint to over 40 countries across all continents. As the traditional origins of the Hayleys Group, the Sector remains a symbol of leadership in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Eco Solutions Managing Director, Rajeeve Goonetileke presenting a copy of Entwine to Hayleys Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mohan Pandithage

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