Silverlake Symmetri and Just In Time Group host successful forum on Sri Lanka’s banking future

Silverlake Symmetri, in collaboration with Just In Time Group, recently concluded a groundbreaking forum titled “Global Tech, Local Impact: Banking’s New Frontier” in Sri Lanka. This insightful event, held in Colombo, gathered esteemed industry leaders and experts to explore the transformative role of technology in shaping the future of banking and investment services.

Silverlake Symmetri, a subsidiary of Silverlake Axis, offers a comprehensive suite of banking software tailored to meet the diverse needs of retail banks. This suite empowers banks to manage core banking functions, customer relations, online and mobile banking services, as well as card management seamlessly. Led by this pioneering institute, the forum provided a platform to delve deep into the profound impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviors, revealing significant shifts in values and life purposes. Despite these changes, a notable portion of consumers expressed dissatisfaction with companies’ responsiveness to their evolving needs, highlighting the urgent need for banks to remain agile and customer-centric.

Dr Gyorgy Ladics, Managing Director for Middle East, Europe, North Africa and South Asia, at Silverlake Axis and CEO of Silverlake Symmetri, delivered a captivating keynote address, setting the stage for insightful discussions. He emphasized the increasing significance of technology in banking, with forecasts indicating a substantial rise in IT spending, particularly in software solutions. He underscored the importance of agility in meeting evolving consumer expectations and driving tangible business outcomes.

In his keynote address, Dr Gyorgy Ladics also shared perspectives from Silverlake Axis’ extensive experience across various markets, emphasizing the potential benefits of lessons learned from global operations for the local financial ecosystem. Additionally, he highlighted the resilience of the Sri Lankan market and its potential for consolidation and growth. Dr Gyorgy Ladics stressed the importance of smart investments and decision-making in driving the country forward, particularly in fostering a banking sector that contributes to a robust economy through informed lending and trading practices. He emphasized that banks, armed with digital technology, have the opportunity to reach underserved segments of the population, contributing to the overall health and growth of the domestic economy.

Following the keynote address, a distinguished panel of industry experts further enriched the discourse. Panelists included Pasan Manukith (Assistant General Manager Information Technology, Sampath Bank), Mahesha Amarasuriya (Director, Mastercard), Prof. Shantha Fernando (Dean Faculty of IT, Horizon Campus and Professor at University of Moratuwa), and Neranjan Dissanayake (Chief Executive Officer, Just In Time Group). The panel explored unique banking approaches and emphasized the necessity of perpetual renewal and transformation for maintaining market leadership.

Throughout the discussions, Silverlake Axis received commendation for its delivery of hyper-personalized banking solutions with remarkable agility and cost efficiency, serving as a model for driving local impact and maximizing technology investments.

The forum concluded with a compelling appeal for banks to initiate a journey of continuous revitalization and evolution to stay pertinent in the rapidly changing banking environment.


Silverlake Axis Ltd. (“SAL”) is a leading enterprise technology, software and services company focused on financial services and serves 40% of the top 20 largest banks in South East Asia. Founded in 1989, SAL has an impeccable track record of successful delivery of innovative and transformative solutions to its enterprise customers and their ecosystems. The Group has more than 380 enterprise customers in over 80 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Under Axis Systems Holdings Limited, SAL was listed on the SGX-SESDAQ on 12 March 2003. It was renamed Silverlake Axis Ltd in 2006 and the listing was transferred to the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange on 22 June 2011. For more information about SAL, please visit

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