TikTok releases its Q4 2023 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report

In its continuous effort to foster a secure and positive online environment, TikTok has unveiled its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the fourth quarter of 2023. This release highlights TikTok’s unwavering commitment to transparency, safety, and inclusivity, reflecting its dedication to building trust and ensuring a safe platform for its global community.

During the October-December period of 2023, TikTok’s proactive measures led to the removal of 176,461,963 videos worldwide, representing about 1.0% of all videos uploaded on the platform. A substantial portion of these, 128,300,584 videos, were identified and removed through automated detection technologies, while 8,038,106 videos were reinstated upon further review.

Notably, approximately 89.9% of videos that violated the guidelines were removed within 24 hours of posting, and the proactive removal rate for the quarter stood impressively at 96.7%. In a global effort to safeguard younger users, TikTok also deleted 19,848,855 accounts suspected of belonging to individuals under the age of 13.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines are meticulously crafted to cultivate an environment that is safe, inclusive, and authentic for all users. The guidelines are enforced uniformly across all content and users, with TikTok striving for consistency and fairness in its enforcement actions.

TikTok utilizes a combination of innovative technology and human review to identify, assess, and take action against content that violates its Community Guidelines. The quarterly release of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report provides insights into the volume and nature of removed content and accounts, ensuring TikTok’s commitment to full transparency.

For detailed insights into the Q4 2023 report and to learn more about TikTok’s content guidelines, tools, and policies, visit TikTok’s Transparency Centre.

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