Honouring Sustainable Value Creation: Haycarb clinches Gold at Asia Integrated Reporting Awards 2023

Haycarb PLC, a global leader in activated carbon manufacturing and a member of Sri Lanka’s most diversified conglomerate, the Hayleys Group, clinched the Gold Award in the Value Creation category at the 9th Asia Integrated Reporting Awards (AIRA) 2023.

Organised by CSRWorks International, a regional leader in sustainability advisory, training and thought leadership, the AIRA is dedicated to honouring reports that embody transparency, integrated thinking and value creation.

Haycarb’s Annual Report, titled “Our Best, to the World,” thoroughly examines the Group’s financial, social, environmental, and governance frameworks, showcasing its dedication to stakeholder value creation. With a vision to provide world-class activated carbon for purification and energy storage solutions, Haycarb prioritises technical excellence and customer-centricity alongside its hallmark of sustainable innovation and value addition. Aligned with the core values of the Group, the report upholds rigorous financial and non- financial reporting standards.

“We are immensely proud of Haycarb’ s remarkable achievement. The award is well merited for the strength of their reporting and their pioneering role in advancing the sector over the past fifty years,” Hayleys Chairman and Chief Executive, Mohan Pandithage stated.

“I am delighted to congratulate Haycarb on their well-deserved Gold award. Their report sets a benchmark in integrated reporting, exemplifying leadership through adopting integrated thinking and a multi-capital framework. This recognition truly highlights their unwavering commitment to value addition and sustainable innovation. Haycarb’s dedication to pushing boundaries sets them apart, and I look forward to witnessing their continued success and future endeavours in this field,” said CSRWorks International Managing Director Rajesh Chhabra.

“We are honoured to stand out among our competitors for our commitment to value creation, which has always been at the core of our mission. Our commitment to value creation is embraced by our employees and extends from manufacturing and technical excellence to preserving natural resources and enriching all stakeholders.” remarked Rajitha Kariyawasan, Managing Director of Haycarb.

Haycarb’s innovative approach to value creation is enriched by ‘ACTIVATE’, its sustainability framework, which was launched coinciding with its 50th anniversary in 2023. This framework is aimed at integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles across its business operations.

ACTIVATE embodies Haycarb’s commitment to achieve ambitious targets, including increasing renewable energy usage, sustainable water sourcing, reducing emissions, improving employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction, community empowerment and sustainable innovation. This ensures their stakeholder interests are balanced, board responsibilities are discharged effectively, and ESG risks are managed holistically.

For further details:https://www.haycarb.com/esg/

Under the leadership of Chairman Mohan Pandithage and Managing Director Rajitha Kariyawasan, Haycarb has consistently strived to set new benchmarks in ESG. The company’s commitment to sustainability is further highlighted by its ESG roadmap, ‘Activate’, executed by Deputy Managing Director Brahman Balaratnarajah together with the executive Directors, Jeevani Abeyratne, Udaya Kumara, Ali Caderbhoy, James Naylor and the management team.

Haycarb is the pioneer manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon in any coconut producing country with manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia supported by marketing offices in the USA, UK and Australia. The company contributes net foreign exchange revenues with its value adding processes whilst remaining a leading and technologically superior manufacturer in its chosen segment.

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