Sunshine Holdings celebrates the joy and tradition of Sinhala and Hindu New Year

Diversified conglomerate Sunshine Holdings PLC (CSE: SUN) recently celebrated the joy, colour and the vibrant culture of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year at ‘Sunshine Soorya Mangalyaya 2024’, the annual new year celebrations of the Group.

More than 1000 employees gathered at the Steel Corporation Ground in Athurugiriya to embrace the spirit of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year with joyous activities and traditional customs. The day was filled with fun Avurudu games, from ‘Kotta Pora’ (pillow fighting), ‘Banis Kema’ (eating buns) to tug-of-war, bringing smiles to participants. These games, integral to the new year celebrations, were about fun and reinforcing the values of unity and collective joy.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, employees also enjoyed a feast of traditional delicacies including ‘Kokis’, ‘Kavum’ and Milk Rice. The air was filled with the aroma of these delightful sweets, complementing the sounds of traditional drums and music, which resonated throughout the venue, adding a lyrical backdrop to the lively celebrations.

Among the highlights of the day’s festivities was the selection of the Avurudu Kumara and Kumariya, titles bestowed upon the best-dressed male and female participants. This year, the honors went to Peheth Sasalanka (Healthguard Pharmacy – Infinity Division) and Sachini Kuruppu (Sunshine Holdings). Additionally, the competition for the best hut, staged by the nine business verticals of Sunshine Holdings, showcased creativity and teamwork, with each team decorating their hut in a theme that reflected both innovation and tradition. The hut designed by Sunshine Consumer Lanka was declared the most creative, receiving recognition for its originality and embodiment of the New Year’s festive spirit.

Sunshine Soorya Mangalyaya 2024’ was a day of festivity and a powerful expression of the cultural tapestry that Sunshine embodies, strengthening the bonds among its diverse workforce and reinforcing the ethos of unity and cultural respect.

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