Microsoft Build 2024

Today at 9:30 p.m. IST, Microsoft Build will kick off with an opening keynote from Satya Nadella focused on Microsoft’s AI vision and tools for developers. You can access an overview of today’s news, along with what’s to come, on the Official Microsoft Blog. Visit our press microsite for more details on announcements and check out a few highlights below.

Stay tuned for updates from Rajesh Jha, EVP, Experiences + Devices, and Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft and EVP of AI, following Satya’s keynote and remarks from Scott Guthrie, EVP Cloud + AI Group, tomorrow, May 22.

Key news & blogs to highlight:

  • Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Intelligence
  • Real-Time Intelligence within Microsoft Fabric combines the best of Synapse Real-Time Analytics and Data Activator along with an array of additional new features, in preview, to help developers and organizations make better decisions with up-to-the-minute insights.
  • GitHub Copilot extensions, featuring GitHub Copilot for Azure
  • GitHub is bringing the world’s external knowledge directly into GitHub Copilot. Now, users can customize GitHub Copilot with capabilities from first- and third-party services like Docker, Sentry, and many more. A new extension, GitHub Copilot for Azure, allows users to instantly deploy to Azure using just natural language.
  • From code to production: New ways Azure helps you build transformational AI experiences
  • Azure AI Studio, Microsoft’s generative AI toolbox for developers, is now generally available.
  • Microsoft is expanding its current suite of now 20 Responsible AI tools and 90+ features in Azure AI with updates to Azure AI Content Safety.
  • Expanding the model catalog, empowering customers with model choice and flexibility
  • OpenAI’s latest flagship model, GPT-4o, is available in Azure AI Studio and as an API. It integrates text, image, and audio processing to set a new standard for generative and conversational AI experiences.
  • Phi-3-visionV, a new multimodal model in the Phi-3 family of AI small language models (SLMs) developed by Microsoft, is joining Phi-3-mini, Phi-3-small, and Phi-3-medium.
  • Microsoft is announcing the general availability of Models-as-a-Service along with new models in preview and coming soon – including TimeGen-1 from the startup Nixtla, Cohere Rerank, Core42 JAIS AI21, Bria AI, Gretel Labs, NTT and Stability AI.
  • Microsoft Unveils Azure Cobalt and AMD AI Accelerator VMs
  • A pair of new Azure virtual machines are designed to boost performance. The Azure Cobalt virtual machine is built on Microsoft custom silicon, delivering efficiency and choice to Azure users and enhancing first-party applications like Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft is the first cloud provider to integrate AMD’s versatile MI300x AI accelerator chip, optimized for GPT-4, elevating AI inferencing and training capabilities for users.
  • Copilot Evolution
  • Microsoft Team Copilot
  • Team Copilot extends Copilot beyond a personal assistant, enabling it to serve and act on behalf of a team, department, or an entire company, with group capabilities – not just an individual user.
  • Microsoft Copilot Studio
  • With Copilot Studio, Microsoft is introducing new capabilities allowing developers to build copilots with agent capabilities, tailored to specific roles or functions. These copilots can manage multiple workflows and complete tasks independently within defined guardrails, transforming the future of organizational and process efficiency.

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