AHRP’s Gen AI workshop lays foundation for digitally-driven workplace dynamics in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s only professional network of practising human resource professionals, the Association of Human Resource Professionals (AHRP), successfully concluded the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop for local HR professionals. This pioneering initiative, conducted in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), had the participation of 24 HR practitioners representing several industry sectors.

Facilitated by Sriram Iyer, SHRM Facilitator and Founder & CEO of hrtech.sg, the workshop equipped the participants with advanced techniques, insights, and tools necessary to harness the power of AI, particularly Generative AI, in revolutionising HR practices. It consisted of a pre-assessment in partnership with SHRM, 12+ hours of online training and a post-assessment, covered under four modules.

During the first session, which covered the first module (Navigating the Digital HR Evolution), Iyer provided a comprehensive exploration of the integration of AI into HR practices, uncovering both challenges and opportunities. He also emphasised the importance of managing potential conflicts and effectively leveraging AI tools in talent acquisition, learning, and development. Participants gained insights into the implications of HR tech adoption through discussions on digital transformation, employee engagement, and the role of HR in culture transformation. Sriram highlighted the significance of aligning digital strategies with business objectives, fostering a digital mindset among HR professionals, and utilising technologies like blockchain and analytics to enhance HR functions.

Furthermore, the workshop delved into the evolving landscape of HR challenges and future trends, emphasising the shift towards skills-based recruitment, predictive analytics, and workforce flexibility. Sriram underscored the need for HR professionals to develop design thinking and stakeholder management skills, aligning digital strategies with business goals. Discussions also centred on the importance of diversity, inclusion, and effective communication in organisations, emphasising leveraging technology such as chatbots and AI to enhance these processes.

The second session, which covered the second module titled ‘Generative AI in HR’, discussed the potential of Generative AI to revolutionise daily productivity across the employee lifecycle. Participants gained insights into leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT to streamline tasks like scheduling meetings, managing emails, and interpreting data. Sriram emphasised the importance of human-AI collaboration, where AI augments human judgment to achieve superior efficiency and productivity. Participants also delved into the democratisation of AI, highlighting its accessibility and potential to empower individuals and organisations of all sizes. The workshop also showcased Gen AI applications spanning recruitment, training, performance management, career development, and employee engagement, demonstrating how AI can enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and employee experience across various stages of the employee lifecycle.

The final session covered two modules— ‘Driving and Executing Successful Digital HR Projects’ and ‘Preparing a Future-Proof Workplace & Workforce’. During the session, Sriram led a discussion on adopting and applying HR technology, mainly focusing on generative AI and personalised learning. He highlighted talent management and succession planning challenges, emphasising the need for continuous digital transformation and real-time data. The team also discussed the importance of implementing HR technology solutions based on business needs, tracking metrics to gain insights, and using organisational network analysis to improve communication and collaboration. The team contributed their thoughts on recruitment and productivity measurement, focusing on metrics such as time to hire, retention ratio, and productivity during the first year.

“Throughout the workshop, the HR Leaders delved into the transformative power of Generative AI, exploring its application across the entire employee lifecycle. The workshop emphasised the synergy of AI and Human Intelligence (HI) in maximising value by HR teams to enhance organisation productivity while simultaneously preparing the workplace and workforce to be future-ready. Attendees actively engaged in hands-on sessions, applying AI tools to real-world HR scenarios. This practical approach solidified their understanding and sparked innovative ideas for applying AI within their organisations. This project promises to showcase the creative and strategic capabilities of the attendees, further contributing to the evolution of HR practices,” said Sriram Iyer.

The next batch of the Generative AI Workshop will start in June. For more details, contact Neha.Pant@shrm.org

About AHRP

The Association of Human Resource Professionals (AHRP) is the only professional network of practicing HR professionals in Sri Lanka. For 24 years, AHRP has significantly contributed to uplifting the country’s human resource standards and practices by conducting a scale of initiatives and interventions over the past decades. Among the activities for the year, AHRP plans to catalyse national human talent building, share the latest global best practices amongst the member fraternity, and offer a world-recognised professional certification for HR practitioners in the country.

About SHRM

SHRM is the world’s largest not-for-profit HR Association. It is a member-driven catalyst for creating better workplaces where people and businesses thrive together. As the trusted authority on all things work, SHRM is the foremost expert, researcher, advocate, and thought leader on issues and innovations impacting today’s evolving workplaces. With nearly 340,000 members in 180 countries, SHRM touches the lives of more than 362 million workers and their families globally.

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