Accepting the resignation of Mr. Thushan Gunawardena, a full-time member

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Mr. Thushan Gunawardena, who has been appointed as one of the three full time members in accordance with the powers vested in the Minister in charge of the Consumer Affairs Authority, has tendered his resignation thorough the of the chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority and the Hon. State Minister has accepted the resignation and informed him the same.

The Hon. State Minister further stated, that he has appeared to the several media as an Executive Director and Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority, but there are no such positions in the Consumer Affairs Authority Act. However, he has served as full time member of the Authority in the recent past and Hon Minister has thanked him service during his tenure and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Further Hon. Minister has pointed out that he has provided incorrected/ false information through the media regarding Consumer Affairs Authority and him.  Hence, Hon State Minister has refuted all such information have stated by him.  Minister further explained that, he is expecting to provide further facts about this issue tomorrow at the parliament during the debate of the Amendment of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act.