Anita Dorai supports ‘Wheels for Wheels’  

Friday, 7 February 2020

Anita Dorai, a Singaporean-born glamorous lady who is constantly striving to make noble contributions to the Sri Lankan community, has pledged her support for “Wheels for Wheels”, an initiative by Around the Pearl which focuses on the wellbeing of those living with Cerebral Palsy.

A passionate and committed individual, driven towards uplifting Sri Lankan society, Anita Dorai donated wheelchairs to the “Wheels for Wheels” Foundation at an event held on 24th January at Taj Samudra, Colombo.

Known for her dedication and support towards various initiatives in the country she has inspired and entertained audiences in Sri Lanka through her fantastic entertainment shows “Threads of Time”, “Kumarsutra” and “Kumarlicious”.

The proceeds of all shows largely contributed towards funding the donation of  wheelchairs for “Wheels for Wheels”, providing much relief and support to individuals living with Cerebral Palsy around the island.

“I am humbled to be given this wonderful opportunity to contribute towards this amazing cause. I have constantly looked for ways to support Sri Lanka in my own way and the “Wheels for Wheels’ foundation is one such initiative which caught my attention and it has indeed been a very heartwarming experience for me,” commented Anita.

She further mentioned, “Being able to support an organisation that helps children with disabilities to live happy, healthy and enriched lives has a far greater purpose  as this offers them opportunities to be part of society.”

In Sri Lanka over 40,000 children are affected by cerebral palsy and most do not have access to medical assistance due to their immobility. The ‘Wheels for Wheels Foundation’ originated to support the distribution of wheelchair donations around the country and thus help these children lead fulfilling lives.

Cerebral palsy permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. Therefore, wheelchairs remain an important mode of movement for affected individuals, providing much needed freedom.

The event was the beginning of a new journey towards bringing heightened awareness in society and encouraging people to come forth to support worthy causes such as this.