Bahubali 2 India’s answer to Game of Thrones

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The much awaited Indian film Bahubali 2: The conclusion hit the screens last Friday and has bagged a mammoth opening at the box office. The first part of film was released two years ago and created much hype amidst the Indian movie enthusiast.The world of Bahubali was conceptualized and executed by the renowned Indian film director SS Rajamouli. The historical fantasy film revolves around the fictitious land Magilmadhi and battle for the kingdom. Since it’s a period film it comprises a large ensemble and a star studded cast and crew .The popular south Indian actor Prabhas plays both son and the father version of Bahubali , Anuskha plays the portray princess Devasena , Rana Daggubati plays Balladevan and the well experienced actress Ramya Krishnan and Sathyaraj play Sivagami and Kattappa. Even though it serves as a sequel the continuity of the movie is undisrupted it flows like a waterfall sharp and crystal clear. The movie is loosely inspired by the great Indian epic Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Bahubali 2 begins at the point very it ended in the first part. Kattappa narrates on how Bahubali was worshipped by the locals and is s declared as the king after smartly defeating the kalakeya tribe. He is asked to tour the kingdom before coronation, while touring he stumbles upon a warrior princess called Devasena, Bahubali decides to stay back and woo her. Balladeva is furious after hearing this as Bahubali won everything including his mother’s heart kingdom and now the beauty, so he plots multiple plans against Bahubali, the rest of the story revolves on how Bahubali conquers the obstacles and how he forgoes the kingdom and his life while doing so. The world famous question “why Kattappa killed Bahubali is finally answered?’’ after listening to all this Bahubali‘s son is fueled up and sets on a spree to conquer the kingdom back, and wins back the kingdom.

The award winning art director Sabu Cyril has done impeccable job by given life to the fictitious land , the sets are surreal the swan boat in particular is stunning .

The dialogues were penned by the famous lyrist Madan karky , the characters speak ancient poetic Tamil but it is understandable to great extend the dialogues are powerful and alarming , you end with goosebumps whenever Bahubali utters a lengthy dialogue .

The background score and music uplifts the movie to another next level, the music director has played his cards right by infusing authentic and contemporary music together, the music is so catchy that you will find yourself tapping your feet to the rhythm . Costumes redefine royalty so vivid and detailed, princess Devasena wears drool worthy clothes.

The action sequence are well choreographed , Bahubali and Devasena move like dream when they fight as a team to vanquish the intruders . So graceful!

The plot is nothing new, it’s the same old battle between good and evil however the vision is new , The visualization of the vision will amaze you , you shall watch the screen with a wonder . Since the story line is intense there is very little room for romance but you are left with a mushy heart whenever Devasena and Bahubali exhibit their love.

The movie is quite lengthy, it finished three hours later and it get a bit drag towards the end so you might lose patience and start to scroll your phone.This movie may be something very simple compared to the things done in Hollywood but considering the fact that Indian cinema makes more of realistic cinema this is something out of the box and anew for the Indian audience .It’s not every day that an Indian movie with such extravagance is released hence it deserves all the hype it had .For those of us who were thoroughly bored of Mass hero entry, Madras slang and Mani Ratnam type romances , Bahubali is a must watch as it will break the monotony and be something refreshing .

The movie will be a visual treat, no doubt in that so if you’re planning to watch hit go theaters as you get to witness some beautiful landscapes ,pretty ladies and their saris but make sure you’ve done your homework in others watch part one before jumping into conclusion .