Busses at the Colombo Private Bus Stand disinfected

Monday, 16 March 2020

The interprovincial service private busses were disinfected at the Colombo Bastian Mawatha Private Bus Stand  today (16) under the supervision of the National Transport Commission.

This exercise commenced under the patronage of the National Transport Commission Chairman Shashi Welgama and Director General Commander Nilan Mirando at 08.30 am.The disinfecting exercise was held throughout the day where the busses were sprayed disinfectant on the inside and out and hand washing stations were set up. In addition, drivers and conductors were taught how to get passengers to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer liquid.Expressing his views the Director of the NTC Commander Mirando said that this exercise would not be stopped with today’s exercise and it would be done regularly. He said that a director would be given the responsibility of monitoring this process and ensuring that it is done regularly. He noted that while several hand washing stations were established today, the number of hand washing stations would be increased to over 20 by tomorrow (17).