Certain incidents harm good governance: Premajayantha

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Science and Technology Minister Susil Premajayantha said certain incidents harm the good governance concept. He is unhappy with the way the government moves on. The minister said so addressing the media at the SLFP weekly media briefing at the SLFP headquarters on Thursday.

Minister Premajayantha said he is disgruntled about the way the government is heading. Some of its attitudes are against the norms of good governance, he said.

The Central Committee (CC) of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will consider whether the joint government should continue after the completion of two years, he said.

“The CC should evaluate the success of the government prior to deciding whether to quit the government or not,” he said.

Speaking on the Treasury Bond issue, he said the GDP has brought down to 4.7 percent as a result of the bond issue. Many sectors of the country have been affected by the consequences of the bond issue, he said.

He appreciated the measure of the President to appoint a Presidential Commission to investigate into the bond issue.

“Once the Presidential Commission was appointed, some persons of the Joint Opposition claimed that it was a move to conceal the bond issue. However, the same persons, who levelled allegations against the Presidential Commission, are trying to get the credit for it,” Minister Premajayantha said.

He said the democratic rights of the people will be affected if elections are not held on time.

The 20th amendment to the Constitution will reform the parliamentary electoral system. Elections should be held on time to safeguard the democratic rights of the people,” he said.

By holding elections on time, the government can assess its success, he said.

Speaking on the SAITM issue, the minister said the medical faculty should be closed temporarily to allow undergraduates of state medical faculties to attend lectures. The government can get a policy decision on private medical faculties, he said.