Chinese jet ‘flies upside down’ over US spy plane

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Two Chinese fighter jets have carried out what the US military described as an “unprofessional” intercept of a US aircraft designed to detect radiation while it was flying over the East China Sea. US officials told CNN that one of the Sukhoi Su-30 jets that approached the WC-135 plane on Wednesday was flying upside down, coming as close as 46 metres.“The issue is being addressed with China through appropriate diplomatic and military channels,” air force spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Lori Hodge said on Thursday.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying declined to comment on the specific incident and referred questions to the defence ministry which has yet to comment.

“For a long time US ships and aircraft have been carrying out close up surveillance of China which can really easily cause misunderstandings or misjudgments or cause unexpected incidents at sea or in the air,” she told the Reuters news agency.

“We hope that the US side can respect China’s reasonable security concerns.”