Cuban Doctors to provide Medical Assistance to Sri Lankan Migrant Workers in Haiti

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The Cuban Government, on a request made by the Government of Sri Lanka, has sent a medical team to attend to the medical needs of Sri Lankan migrant workers in Haiti. The five-member medical team has arrived on 07 May at the facility within the Caracol industrial park in the North East region of Haiti, where the majority of Sri Lankans live.

The Cuban medical team will advise the Sri Lankan migrant workers with best practices for the prevention of COVID-19 spread, regular screening of medical conditions and primary care for those in need.

This is another example of Cuba’s commitment for humanity at a time of need and true friendship between the two countries.

The second largest Sri Lankan migrant workforce in the Caribbean region is based in Haiti where there are several factories owned by Sri Lankan companies. These factories were not functioning in their full capacity due to prevailing global health conditions and now these workers will be able to continue their work in full capacity with confidence.

Government of Sri Lanka conveys their profound thanks to the Government of Cuba and the Government of Haiti for their support and cooperation. All the Sri Lankans in the Caribbean region are safe and have not been affected by COVID-19 up to date