Dengue infects over 30,000, kills 60 during last three months

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A total of 30,486 dengue patients and around 60 deaths were reported during the past three months, Epidemiology Unit sources said. The highest number of dengue patients, 60,906, was reported from the Colombo district.

The second, 3,853, was from the Gampaha district. The Trincomalee district reported 2,820, while Jaffna reported 1,884, the sources said.

The Epidemiology Unit officials warn the public to take precautions against spreading Influenza A(H1N1) because a large number of people shop and visit crowded places during the festive season. They are advised to cover mouth and nose with a handkerchief or a tissue paper whenever they cough and sneeze.

They are advised to avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth and refrain from spitting in public. Washing hands regularly with soap and water or clean hands with alcohol-based hand rubs, dispose of used tissues/handkerchiefs and wash used handkerchiefs with a germ killer soap/liquid before re-using help avoid infections.

Any one who suffer from fever more than two days should seek prompt medical treatment from a state hospital or from a qualified doctor. No drug other than Paracetamol should be used for fever since doing so may lead to complications, the sources added.