DFCC Bank opted for a digital-first approach for its Annual Report 2020….

Monday, 3 May 2021

DFCC Bank opted for a digital-first approach for its Annual Report 2020 aptly adapting to the ‘new normal’ and fast tracking the Bank’s goal of becoming the most customer-centric and digitally enabled bank by the year 2025. Sending shareholders the link to the comprehensive end-to-end HTML annual report has several advantages. Key among them is saving printing, CD production, and snail mail costs; driving down our carbon footprint; and getting the end-to-end HTML annual report to shareholders’ hands almost instantaneously after its release.”

“Customer centricity and a digital-first tactic is the basis of our Vision 2025 strategy,” Chief Executive Officer of DFCC Bank, Lakshman Silva states. “They are the main contributor to our sound results and the Bank’s ability to agilely adapt to the changing situation in 2020. We are now ready to acquire and on-board customers remotely via our digital platforms. What’s more, in terms of our environmentally-conscious outlook, we continue to be the preferred lender for “green” development projects including waste-to-energy, hydro, wind, and solar energy projects. DFCC Bank is ready for business in 2021.”

DFCC has long championed the use of multiple mediums and formats for its annual report to effectively meet the diverse interests of stakeholder groups. The comprehensive integrated annual report in online HTML format remains at the core, with its special features enabling the Bank to effectively target the diverse interests of stakeholder groups. The concise integrated annual report in print PDF is also available for archiving and for statutory filing purposes. Complementing these are the Annual Snapshots in multiple languages and formats. In addition, the Bank was the first to offer an annual report Updater Portal and a complementary annual report Updater App that regularly captures important post-annual report information for stakeholders.