Dozens of Sri Lankan workers abandoned at Romanian airport

Monday, 25 May 2020

Dozens of Sri Lankan workers have been abandoned at a Romanian airport by local authorities despite flights not being available to send them back to Sri Lanka.

Reports from Botoșani, the capital city of Botoșani County in Romania stated that 36 Sri Lankans employed at a factory in Botoșani were transported to the Otopeni Airport last night (Sunday) on the assurance that they will be flown back to Sri Lanka.

However, there was no flight to take them back and they were abandoned at the airport, multiple news agencies in Romania reported. The Sri Lankans were quarantined for three weeks before the Botosani authorities decided to send them back.

They were abandoned at the airport without food or water. After several hours airport authorities brought water for the Sri Lankans to drink. Libertatea reported earlier this month that 43 Sri Lankans were assaulted by bodyguards sent by factory owners and handcuffed