Elephant House, Keells Krest to refresh 85th Joe-Pete ‘Battle of the Saints’

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Longtime proponents of the “Big Match” cricketing tradition at local schools, Elephant House and Keells Krest will once more in 2019 lend their wholehearted support to this year’s highly anticipated “Battle of the Saints”.

Elephant House and Keells Krest have signed on to serve as the “Food, Beverage and Ice Cream Partner” for the 85th Joe-Pete “Battle of the Saints” cricketing encounter, to be held on March 1 and 2 of this year at the P. Sara Grounds in Colombo.

The Joe-Pete “Battle of the Saints” is one of the country’s longest running schools cricketing encounters, fought out annually between St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10, and St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4. To date, St. Joseph’s College leads the series with a total of 12 wins, with 2008 being its last success, while St. Peter’s College won most recently in 2016, taking its total to 10 wins.

As Sri Lanka’s most prolific supporter of “Big Matches”, as well as a long-time “Food, Beverage and Ice Cream Partner” for the Joe-Pete “Battle of the Saints” in particular, Ceylon Cold Stores PLC (Elephant House) and Keells Foods Products PLC (Keells Krest) have time and again proven to be invaluable to the enjoyment of this great tradition. Spectators at this exciting cricketing encounter will undoubtedly enjoy it much more knowing that Keells Krest’s tasty processed meats and Elephant House’s refreshing beverages and ice cream will be available to refresh them once again, helping guarantee that this year’s “Battle of the Saints” will be a pleasurable experience.

It is also noteworthy that, beyond just signing up as a sponsor, Elephant House and Keells Krest have, over a number of years, contributed in many different and unique ways to ensure that Joe-Pete “Battle of the Saints” is a resounding success, especially for students, old boys, parents and guests, and even the competing cricketers, who are fully committed to this tradition, thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie at this two-day match. It is also very heartening to witness the strong spirit of competition and sportsmanship promoted at the “Battle of the Saints” each year, which is a true showcase for people of all ages, ethnicities and religions coming together to support their children.

Photo Caption:

From left: Terrence Fernando, Co-Chair of the Joint Organizing Committee, Ashain Daniel – Captain of St. Joseph’s College, Rev. Fr. Milan Bernard – Prefect of Games at St. Joseph’s College, Rev. Fr. Travis Gabriel – Rector of St. Joseph’s College, Shanil Perera – Head of Sales & Distribution Keells Food Products PLC/ Assistant Vice President JKH, Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin – Rector of St. Peter’s College, Rev. Fr. Thilina Pathum – Sports Coordinator at St. Peter’s College, Ranmith Jayasena – Captain of St. Peters College and Asela Lihinikaduwa, Co–Chair of the Joint Organizing Committee.