Gemunu threatens to take issue to President, Prime Minister

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) President Gemunu Wijeyratne has said he would take the issue of illegal tenders at the Southern Expressway to the President and the Prime Minister if the Bribery Commission took inadequate action in this regard.

Speaking to Daily News Online the LPBOA President said the issue was a longstanding one: ‘This has been going on from the time of the previous government,” he explained, adding that the loss incurred to the government from the issuing of illegal tenders was approximately Rs. 20 million.

Wijeyratne, who this morning said he would file against the National Transport Commission (NTC) at the Bribery Commission, said the LPBOA was willing to the take the issue right up to the President and the Prime Minister if the Bribery Commission failed to take action in this regard.

The LPBOA is alleging that there are irregularities taking place when issuing bus permits on the Southern Expressway: It said the NTC had issued permits to existing bus owners, without calling for tenders.

“The Cabinet Ministers have granted approval to award tender permits but the NTC has decided to cancel it without any notification,” Wijeyratne alleged.

He said that action had been taken against errant officers during the previous regime, “but this incident is repeating itself”.