Human remains of SL students to be repatriated – FM

Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Sri Lanka Mission in Tehran is presently coordinating with the relevant authorities in Azerbaijan to repatriate the human remains of the deceased three Sri Lankan university students, who died in their apartment due to a fire on Thursday, foreign ministry said.Three Sri Lankan university students studying at Western Caspian University in Baku Azerbaijan have died at their apartment as a result of suffocation from smoke inhalation due to a fire that has occurred on 9 January 2020. The authorities in Azerbaijan have initiated an investigation into this incident, the ministry said in a statement.

“The Sri Lanka Mission in Tehran and the Azerbaijan Mission in New Delhi are coordinating with the Foreign Ministry in Colombo in this regard and also … authorities are in touch with their families in dispatching the human remains,” the statement added.Meanwhile, two of the victims – Malsha Sandeepani (23) and Tharuki Amaya(21) are members of the same family and residents of Piliyandala, while the third victim has been identified as Amodya Madu Hansi Jayakody(24), a resident of Kaduwela.Our reporter said that the sister of the father of the two victimized sisters in Piliyandala, has also died due to a heart attack after hearing the newS