I was so strong that my heart and mind of a single journey

Sunday, 24 December 2017
(Ashanthi Warunasuriya ) 
I was so strong that my heart and mind of a single journey
I’m on my way from the Convention or not meddling 
I do not criticize anyone because it is my country that if critics
Lucian Pushparaja Lucian Pushparaja that rejected allegations leveled against him regarding the use of banned substances. According to a poll regarding further said that the visit was not about discipline or no test, he informed the authorities. Mr. Atlas tournament sponsorship gives the parent the company president says he bought Lucian God sent the angel of God said that he do not Pushparaja the victory they need. And he chose to take the game to his country, he said the international community. The talks with the Christian name of Lucian Pushparaja Hythe Asia Black Lion. 

He added that the idea of such accusations against him samnbandayen. “I Union Federation not related. I am, I can do this is for the game. No player not sent his team to the international 4 matches Bodybuilding Federation. Convention, I was critical. They pinch me hit it hard to meet the Atlas series of my country’s national flag. I was crying. I could not get it why my country’s flag in the tournament. the mother encouraged Shan brother. I do not accept Paypal. I showed lifts the US flag of Sri Lanka. A lion is vulnerable when it is nothing, because the hand does not let. I like that. Will continue not drop anything. That’s why Korea me “Asian Black Lion” to name films joined the. I am a single journey on my mind and so strong mind. ” 

He said the situation in the bodybuilding sport country. “This is a game of poor country, also down a game thinking. Here’s why this country is broken, fitness sport. Football is the world’s most popular game .The kāyavardhanaya place. This has not yet among the people in Sri Lanka. also, people can not send top. 

He has some of the expected next year. “2018 International dignitaries meet 5 have.” Mr. Olympia “is my goal. These include government help reward Unlike conferences from meddling whether I’m going my way. I was my country’s Federation, the Ministry of our officers do not criticize. What If I criticize my own country “. 

The opening remarks of his early life he was “a kid since I suffered very much. Labor has is average level, high school. I sport a very common one. So little did’ve played. Fitness game played to while school was gained. also, keep in mind mind was strong. my game is the best we can be and to live without being a burden to the country’s purpose “.

He was born in Gampaha town in Ja Ela was born on 10th September 1982. Reizen lagoon and surrounded causal town suffered from poverty village. Numerous electronic suffering expenses declined Lucion Anton Pushparaja the world that Sri Lanka players shining gold. Since very young sport performers who have contributed excellent place to come today. Two brothers, the loss of the father of a child, and the mother of the crew, single Lucian’s school time wind fly malasē no time in spin. He had been forced to hire from a small fire to the belly and to fulfill their educational needs. However, in order to get him to answer whether the economic agahigakam left for Oman. He is athletic, fitness focus. The first gold medal dinannēda where. From 2017 to 2012, the turning point of the game, fitness journey was his love of the local and foreign gold and silver medals won bronze at the Asian Championship in South Korea in 2017, he is to win. Sri Lanka Body Building Federation Lucion false accusations, he was leveling the Asian championship to earn money from them. Lucion victories went faster than the wind blowing through the social media. The result is not unusual for half of any Sri Lankan to reach him is to achieve. It was held in the United States ṭessās Mr Atlas Bodybuilding Championships. For this before any Sri Lankan representing not. The largest held in the United States is unlikely this competitive bodybuilding the first time a Sri Lankan connection Lucian him sometime because he sponsored the Shan Helabana. 34 countries in the world being a world-class fitness among players, he won the fourth place. That was part of this most American Sri Lankan victory at witnesses. It also won the Lucian Award Inspiration for Asia kāyavardhanayaṭa the service. The victory, although one of the very best Lucian achievement among the four best players kāyavardhaka. Today that is not wrong, says Lucian popular than cricket players. Each flame jayagrahaṇayakinma hope more victories.