Monthly income more than Rs. 75,000

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Ministry of Primary Industries will implement a series of self-employment development programmes to generate a monthly income of more than Rs.75, 000 per person, within next year. Plans in this regard have already been drafted, the Government Information Department said. 

According to Minister Daya Gamage said the first year of this five-year programme of the government would be spent to draft the plans and to lay the foundation for the development activities.

The expected targets will be achieved gradually over the next four years, the Minister said.

A project to plant 750 million pineapple crops in Gampaha, Kurunegala, and Puttlam districts is included in this plan.

An income of Rs. 7.5 billion is expected from this project.

The harvesting of pepper will also be increased by three times. In addition there are plans to enhance the cinnamon and spice industries, bee keeping and juggery and palm based production industries.