Navy assists apprehension of 03 suspects in possession of Kerala cannabis

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Navy apprehended 03 suspects with 160g of Kerala cannabis, during a coordinated operation conducted with the Police in Kalukunnnammadu on 16th February 2020.

During a coordinated operation carried out with Madukanda Police STF in Kalukunnnammadu, the Navy managed to recover 160g of Kerala cannabis in the possession of the 03 suspects on the road. Subsequently, the 03 suspects along with Kerala cannabis were taken in to custody. They have been identified as residents of Vavuniya.

The apprehended suspects together with cannabis were handed over to the Irattaperiyakulam Police for onward investigation. The Navy has been able to apprehend a number of drug traffickers attempting to smuggle drugs by sea and has successfully conducted a series of crackdowns on racketeers peddling narcotics in the island.