NCM against Ravi possible due to Govt’s stance on good governance: Kabir

Monday, 7 August 2017

Enterprise Development Minister and UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim referring to the No-Confidence Motion against Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake tabled in Parliament said the most important thing here was the government’s stand in favour of good governance.

“If such a thing had happened during the past regime, there would not have been an opportunity to implement the law against a State Minister. Today, the supremacy of the law had been established in the country. Courts have been given the full authority to exercise the law of the land to the letter,” Hashim said.

“The government always stood for accountability and transparency. This stand would never change. As such they would decide on the steps they would take politically on this issue within the next few days,” he said.

Minister Kabir Hashim stated this responding to a question raised by the media on the No Confidence Motion against Ravi Karunanayake when he attended a function held at Venus grounds Mawanella on August 6.

Minister Hashim further said the government would soon take a suitable decision about this No-Confidence Motion.

Currently discussions were being held among party leaders in the government regarding it and a final decision is imminent in the next few days.

Minister Hashim said when fraud and corruption allegations were brought against former ministers in opposition ranks they tried to label it as political victimisation.

They tried to give a wrong message to the people by trying to label it as part of a political agenda of the government.

But, since it was a duty of a person to show cause if there were any allegations against him or her the government had given its members the opportunity to perform that responsibility.