No inconsistencies in delimitation report: Election Commissioner

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya yesterday said there were no inconsistencies or serious errors as such in the delimitation report submitted by them to Local Government and Provincial Council Minister Faizer Mustapha, which could in anyway smother the holding of an election.

He said so on being asked by the Daily News as to why is that a local poll much awaited by the public had to undergo the fate of being constantly postponed due to finalisation of the report on the delimitation of wards in the local government areas.

The Elections Commissioner said the subject minster and the law makers in Parliament must take responsibility if there had been any delay in the holding of an election or and inconvenience cause to the public thereof.

“I cannot organise a match until they lay down rules and set the ground for it,” he said.

“And I cannot organise a cricket match that must be played in Sri Lanka at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds(MCG) in Australia,”Deshapriya said.

“However, Local Government and Provincial Council Minister Faizer Mustafa yesterday promised the Supreme Court that he will gazette the delimitation of local boundaries within a month, which means I will be in business very soon,” he added.