NPC requests IGP to amend cadre position of STF Head

Saturday, 12 August 2017

The National Police Commission has asked the IGP to allow a Senior DIG to head the STF by changing cadre positions. This decision will allow the present STF commandant Senior DIG M. R Latheef to occupy his position as STF commandant.

“We have asked the IGP to amend this through the Management Service Department so that a Senior DIG is able to hold the post, National Police Commission Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray told the Daily News.

The Commission had sent a letter requesting for such a change three weeks ago. It is yet to hear of a positive response.

The media in the meantime has reported that the National Police Commission had taken steps to remove Senior DIG Latheef from his post. Cooray denied such allegations and said they only wanted his official cadre position updated so he can continue to do his work.