Nugegoda rally aims to protect corrupt in previous regime: Mujibur

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The aim of the Nugegoda rally organised by the Joint Opposition is to arouse the people towards aggressive and violent behaviour with the aim of building a wall of defence for the protection of individuals responsible for fraud, racketeering, embezzlement and various malpractices during the previous regime, UNP MP Mujibur Rahman said yesterday.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo, he said investigations against the former President’s group are almost complete while the government was in the process of taking legal action against them.

“They know there is no escape. They want to mobilise the people against the government. Many properties of the Rajapaksa families are not under their own names. The actual property owners are refusing to give these properties back to them. These people are being threatened that the Joint Opposition will come to power in another two or three months and all properties will be taken back,” Rahuman said.

“They are also trying to influence officers conducting investigations against them saying that they will be come into the power soon and taking action against them. During the previous regime, we like to question whether MP Wimal Weerawansa as Housing Minister constructed even a single house for the needy people outside his family members,” he said.

The MP said although the last Nugegoda meeting was titled as ‘Rise with Mahinda’ nobody rose with him except only those who faced imprisonment on various charges.

The so called start of a revolution rally in Nugegoda today will be unsuccessful because the former President has instructed many SLFP members not to attend the meeting, he said.

“Will the people vote again for politicians who are well known for corruption, nepotism and deceits. People know that they are a bunch of thieves and their leader is Mahinda Rajapksa and that if they come to power, they will do the same thing,” Rahuman said.

The government has embarked on a massive social and economic drive.Democracy has won in this country. But the Rajapaksa group wants to whip up racism, communalism and savagery to achieve their own agendas. The country which was black listed by the international community during the previous regime has now acquired international recognition. But, these groups want to destroy that recognition, he said.

“They are now trying to wriggle away from the various law suits by spending vast amount of wealth they accumulated during the previous regime. We have nothing to hide about the COPE investigation. About 40 COPE reports came out during the previous government, but none were referred to the Attorney General. We referred the first COPE report under our government to the Attorney General,” Rahuman said.

The President has also appointed a Presidential Commission to investigate the matter and this is democracy. The previous government influenced former COPE Chairman Wjayadasa Rajapakshe to resign from his post because he exposed many corrupt deals through the report. When they could not do it , they prorogued Parliament and appointed someone else, he said.

UNP MP Thushara Indunil Amarasena said it was former regime that completely sold the port city land to China.

“We renegotiated with China and gave it on 99-year-old lease. It was the UNP government which started many free trade zones and investment promotion zones. We like to ask if the former President opened a single factory even though several factories were closed down during his rule,” he said.