President defends decision to hang convicts accused of drug trafficking

Thursday, 12 July 2018

President Maithripala Sirisena today defended a decision taken to hang convicts accused of drug trafficking.

The President said that he would sign required orders to execute capital punishment for convicted drug traffickers who carry out large scale drug smuggling operations while in detention.

The President’s office quoted the President as saying that although there are certain opinions regarding capital punishment in a Buddhist society, if large number of criminal acts spread in such a society despite religious sermons, it will be necessary to take some timely actions to control crime.

The President made the statement at the opening ceremony of the ‘Schools to Boost Fight Against Drugs’ campaign at the Gatambe Grounds in Kandy today.

The programme has been organized by the National Drugs Eradication Campaign and the Presidential Task Force Against Drugs with the intention of saving school children from the menace of drugs.

President Sirisena said that the number of crimes and rapes has dropped during the last three years. He pointed out that the report on crime in the last 10 years presented to the National Security Council yesterday, had revealed that false propaganda about an increase of crime rates after the current Government came to power was carried out with political agendas