President lashes out at CB accusing officials of sleeping

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa lashed out at the Central Bank (CB) today accusing officials of sleeping instead of doing their job.

In a heated meeting with the Central Bank today, the President said that the bank had failed to implement his policies or put forward alternate proposals.

“The Central Bank has not put forward a single proposal to rebuild the economy. The Government owes a large sum of money to various institutions for the services and products they supplied during the past couple of years. The Central Bank has ignored the proposal made to provide Rs. 150 billion to banks by accepting the outstanding due as collateral. The Government will have to take the blame for the economic slowdown due to this serious negligence of duty on the part of the Central Bank,” the President said.

He said that officials who worked at the Central Bank during the scandalous bond scam still hold their positions.The President expressed his displeasure for not receiving the cooperation of these officials who supported that fraud to rebuild the country.