PUCSL warns CEB of stern action for violating Electricity Act

Friday, 28 February 2020

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has warned the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) of stern action for violating the Sri Lanka Electricity Act.

In a letter to the CEB, the PUCSL said that the load shedding carried out by the Transmission Licensee (TL), the CEB on February 3, 2020, which resulted in unannounced power cuts in several places, could have been avoided.

The PUCSL has demanded that the CEB give reasons to justify its actions, failing which PUCSL will be compelled to take action for committing an offence under the provisions of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act.

Earlier, a committee appointed by the Ministry of Power and Energy (MoPE) to investigate the unannounced power cuts, had submitted a report to the Ministry which revealed the power cuts could have been avoided.

The report also accused the CEB of violating condition the Transmission License issued to the Ceylon Electricity Board and as a result abusing the Electricity Act.

The report also estimated that the impact to the economy as a result of the curtailment of 1.4 GWh of power on 3rd February between 10.45 am and 17.02 pm was around Rs. 188 million.