Religious Dignitaries, Intellectuals, Media, Political Leaders & Patriots Vehemently Express Outrage against US Travel Ban on Army Chief

Monday, 17 February 2020

A large segment of rational-minded religious dignitaries, non-governmental organizations, political leaders, patriotic people, including sections of Mass Media and different opinion makers have been outraged by the US travel ban on Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, acting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and are inviting the public to rise against the US stance since those attempts, orchestrated by the Diaspora as the Ministry of Foreign Relations termed, would ‘unnecessarily complicate US-SL relationship’ in the ‘absence of any substantiated or proven allegations’ against so called war crimes.

The highest seats of Buddhist Chapters, Malwatte and Asgiriya Maha Nayake prelates unequivocally condemn the US designation and call upon the nation to stand against baseless US allegations, influenced by Tamil Diaspora for own political advantages and machination being exercised to re-kindle return to separation of the country. Editorially commenting, the independent ‘Divaina’ and ‘Aruna’ dailies as well as the ‘Daily News’ question the wisdom of imposing such a ban so belatedly and also the shrewd manner with which such a hasty ban was declared.

Rev Father Benedict Joseph, Ven Medagama Dhammananda, Secretary to Asgiriya Chapter, Anu Nayake Thera of Malwatte Chapter Ven Divulkumbure Wimaladhamma Thera, Ven Magalkande Sudatta Thera, Ministers, C. B ratnayake and Jayantha Samaraweera, et al in separate interviews or statements want the US to earnestly reconsider this unfair designation and remove it forthwith.