Monday, 6 July 2020

SeylanTikiriInitiates Interactive Digital Sessions for Children During COVID-19

Continues to treasure their youngest customers

Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, embraced its youngest customers during the COVID-19 lockdown, by reaching SeylanTikiri accountholders through a variety of innovative digital activations on multiple social media platforms. The Bank also went a step further and ensured that children who won in the digital competitions were rewarded in real life with gifts delivered to their doorstep, during these tough times.SeylanTikiri is one of the leading minor savings brands in the market and has always made innovative and fun-loving offerings to kids throughout the year.  At a time when the whole island was put under lockdown, SeylanTikiri continued to focus on one of the most treasured customer groups of the Bank, children. Tikiri was one of the most digitally active banking products during this period in Sri Lanka, and the only minor savings brand to continuously engage with its youngestcustomers through digital activations such as Tikiri Online Avurudu Festival, Tikiri Story Teller, Tikiri Stay Home Diary, Tikiri Champ and Tikiri Vesak Pathuma.

The Tikiri Online Avurudu festival which included games such as the New Year Wish (AvuruduPathuma), Best Costume (VikataAdum), Guess the number ofcoins (KatayeKaasiGananKireema) and an innovative Avurudu Pageant (AvuruduKumaraya and Kumariya) attracted a whopping 25000 entries from children around the country, and engaged over a million social media users. The ‘Tikiri Vesak Pathuma’ campaign carried out provided a platform where kids could upload their own Vesak Cards and send it to their loved ones digitally, attracting many creative entries. Seylan Bank made sure all the little winners of these innovative competitions got their gifts right at home, despite the lockdown the country was under.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented situation for all of us but was especially difficult for children. As the Bank with a Heart, it was our responsibility to provide our youngest and most treasured Tikiri customers with an opportunity to engage in interactive, entertaining and educative digital activities, allowing them to exercise their creativity and be rewarded for it with exciting gifts delivered to their doorstep. SeylanTikiri has always focused on enabling every Tikiri Child to achieve their fullest potential and will continue to evolve with pioneering initiatives offering maximum value addition to children and their families”, Gamika De Silva, Head of Marketing and Sales stated.

“We also made sure we involved their parents in our campaign. The Bank partnered with Dr. Kumudu De Silva to present ‘Tikiri Story Teller’, a series of videos on social media for parents on how to look after kids during the quarantine period and suggesting activities that parents can do with them at home. The videos have been viewed over 250,000 times, reaching over 2 million people across Seylan social media platforms, highlighting the success of our initiatives.” He went on to add, explaining why the Bank focused on children at a time no one else did, becoming the most active minor savings account in the market during this period.

The “Tikiri Stay Home Diary” the only campaign of its kind for children was conducted in all three languages on social media, and gave children bored at home during the lockdown something interesting to do. Children also participated eagerly in the “Tikiri Champ” competition which gave them different activities to conduct with the aim of inculcating new habits. Children competed in activities such as ‘Little Bud’ to plant a seed indoors, ‘Homework Buddy’ encouraging them to help siblings with homework and ‘Great Sculptor’, among others. The winners of this competition too were surprised with gifts brought to their doorstep.

SeylanTikiri’s digital activities reached over a million users of social media, ensuring that Seylan’s minor savings customers stuck at home had a valuable experience. These efforts underscore Seylan Bank’s customer-centric approach which looks at providing products and services that enhance the overall customer experience and convenience. For more information on SeylanTikiri or any other product and service please visit any Seylan Bank branch island wide or visit