SLMC calls for Party Secretaries meeting

Friday, 17 April 2020

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has requested the National Election Commission to convene a Party Secretaries meeting at the earliest to discuss various matters.

The SLMC in letter to the Commission, appreciated the latter’s announcement on the inability to hold the General Election 2020 as scheduled on 25 April, due to the COVID -19 outbreak in Sri Lanka.

The inability of the Commission to publish the “Notice of Poll” due to the current crisis has not receded and still prevails.

It is the Party’s considered position that until authorities, including Health and Police, provide a complete clearance for free movement throughout the country and an assurance that the spread of the said contagion has been fully halted or eradicated from Sri Lanka, it is not possible to publish a “Notice of poll” fixing the date for election, the SLMC pointed out.

The Party said it was aware that the Commission’s request to the President advising him to seek a ruling from the Supreme Court on the inability to hold the elections within three months as required for a new Parliament to be summoned did not bring the desired result.

It leaves the issue to be taken up before a court of law at the appropriate time by persons or parties interested.The SLMC said in the meantime, it requests the National Election Commission not to take any decision to publish a”Notice of poll” at the prevailing conditions, as it will seriously compromise any chance of holding free and fair elections.