The scramble to make a scapegoat of Ravi K

Sunday, 21 May 2017

As we went to press, speculation was rife that the long spoken of cabinet reshuffle may materialise on Monday. However with this government, nothing is certain until it actually happens. So we wait passively to see what happens. There is little point in holding our breath because no cabinet reshuffle is going to make any material change to the situation in the country. There was stiff resistance from within the UNP to making any changes in the portfolios held by them which means that originally, the reshuffle was to be limited to the SLFP group in the government. But now it is said, that the UNP portfolios also may be shifted around. Be that as it may, this whole debate about a reshuffle ensued because of the feeling within the SLFP that Ravi Karunanayake should be shifted out of the Finance Ministry. It appeared that any cabinet reshuffle that takes place without a change in the finance portfolio would not be considered a cabinet reshuffle.

 It is not difficult to see why attention has zeroed in on the finance ministry in that manner. The economy is in a mess and the country is on life support waiting for the proceeds of the Hambantota port lease for survival. So the belief seems to be that the head of the finance minister should roll for having got us into this mess. What is surprising however is that despite the presence of so many analysts in the print media and in the websites, nobody has posed the question whether Ravi K can be actually held responsible for the economic mess the country is in.