The speech of Thondaman’s son

Tuesday, 2 June 2020
Sorry for not being able to do father’s funeral due to corona – Jeevan
At the funeral of the late Arumugam Thondaman, Thondaman’s son Jeevan Thondaman said, Due to the risk of coronavirus spread, my father’s funeral could not be done properly. It is with great regret that not all were given the opportunity to pay their last respects. More than that, we have embraced the safety and health of the country. My father also liked this program.
After the risk of the spread of coronavirus has subsided, we have planned to pay homage to my father as you all have hoped. My father had a great dream about the development of the plantation.
We are planning to fulfill all our dreams. Before my father died, people in the plantation paid a daily wage of Rs. We were very happy to come home after having discussions with the Prime Minister to increase the number to 1000. My father and I were at home. We were at home laughing, and my father took a deep breath as I turned to look at him, calling my father Jeevan. I felt terrible fear in my father’s eyes, and I realized that I was leaving my people behind. There was nothing I could do, but my father died when he was taken to the hospital. I promise to fulfill my father’s hopes. It is sure that the rooster cries every day, as it does every day.
My only hope is to advance the CWC.
By Ashanthi Warunasuriya