TRCSL increase concessionary telecommunication facilities

Monday, 23 March 2020

The Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission stated that, based on TRCSL guidance all operators have agreed and now have a mechanism to provide emergency credit and extra talk time for prepaid customers who may face difficulty purchasing top-ups due to curfew.

The TRCSL requested customers to reach to respective operators for more information regarding the mechanism.

Further it noted that, “On the direction of the president all telecom, mobile and direct to home/cable TV operators have been advised by the TRCSL to continue services for postpaid customers providing an extended grace period for payments due which may arise and to provide emergency credit facilities for prepaid customers.”

The TRCSL also said that, “All operators have agreed to provide uninterrupted services for all customers inline. “ It observed that at this moment “connectivity is imperative for information conveyance and updates in the fight against Covid-19.”