Weerakkody slams Shivajilingam for demanding international intervention

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Minister Chandima Weerakkody, yesterday, condemned a statement made by Tamil National Alliance Provincial Council member M. K. Shivajilingam demanding an investigation in to war crimes in Sri Lanka through an international court.

Minister Weerakkody thumbed down Shivajilingam’s statement at a media brief held at the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training, pointing out that the statement was quite “a hideous one.”

Minister Weerakkody pointed out that it has done severe damage to the Sri Lankan government’s image in the international arena as well as the local reconciliation process.

In a backdrop where the Sinhala Buddhist majority is all set for a reconciliation process, making such a statement is utterly irresponsible, Minister Weerakkody said. “Whoever makes such a statement, let it be a Sinhalese, a Tamil, a minister of the government or a member of the opposition, is utterly wrong. It does not matter who made such a statement, but the statement itself,” he said.

Minister Weerakkody speaking of Shivajilingam’s statement pointed out that an internal issue in the country should be taken before the UN or such international organization, only if the victims have no space whatsoever for justice.

“But it is not the situation in Sri Lanka at the moment. There is a government fully enforcing the reconciliation process. It has endured democracy and justice. So, instead of making such unbecoming statements, these people should make use of this democracy and call for justice to solve matters within the country itself,” Minister Weerakkody pointed out. According to sources, TNA Provincial Councillor Shivajilingam has told the UNHRC in Geneva that since Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka had admitted to the Sri Lankan Army committing war crimes, an investigation is in demand which would be implemented through an international court.

Meanwhile, Minister Weerakkody speaking on Sri Lanka’s success at the United Nations General Assembly, said UN General Secretary and many other international organizations have ensured President Maithripala Sirisena that Sri Lanka will not have to worry about the security of its War Heroes and political leaders who were at the forefront of winning the war.

UN General Secretary has ensured nothing will be done against Sri Lanka’s conductsince the present government has re-established democracy and is strongly involved in the reconciliation process, Minister Weerakkody said.

“There was a time we spoke of electric chairs. There was a time we feared for our War Heroes and certain political leaders.

“There were times Sri Lanka’s name was mentioned as having democratic and human rights issues, at UN assemblies. Now, as a country, we should be sincerely happy that Sri Lanka is not presented in such a light anymore,” Minister Weerakkody said.

He pointed out that the good governance policies adhered by the government are the main reasons the UN and the international community have confidence in Sri Lanka.