Zigzag.lk unveils glamorous new store, now with four times the showroom space

Tuesday, 29 January 2019
  • Launch of a comfortable and spacious setting with four times more capacity to shop to your heart’s content
  • Celebrate with an attractive giveaway, a cashback offer and an Instagram promotion to all customers!
  • 150 new products to be unveiled each month, with the aim of expanding up to 200 by the end of March 2019

ZigZag.lk goes big with the launching of their new showroom on Saturday, the 26th of January 2019, moving closer to the heart of Colombo at No 17, Charles Drive, Colombo 07.

The showroom is four times more spacious than their pioneering brick and mortar outlet. Hence, it is able to better suit the needs of its growing clientele and product portfolio.

The launch accommodated its top 50 customers as a gesture of their loyalty towards ZigZag.lk. A comfortable shopping experience is a factor all customers yearn for and that is one aspect of what they are catering for by revitalizing your experience with them. Whether you are a local or foreigner, this outlet will be at the peak in the chain of demand for all fashionistas. This exquisitely crafted, multi- level shopping venue provides only the very best of what makes ZigZag.lk unique, combining it with an international omni-channel experience that has not been so far achieved locally.

The new facelift of ZigZag.lk provides the ultimate set up for the monthly launch of 150 new ZigZag.lk products. The team is aiming at extending up to 200 products per month by March 2019. The benefit the customers would gain is that there will be a variety of new styles and collections to select from, keeping up with the ongoing trends and fashion demands while maintaining unique designs at all times.

The excitement and build up for the new showroom launch on display all across social media especially via Instagram where they gifted three lucky winners with Rs.5000 worth vouchers. ZigZag.lk additionally hosted a number of offers such as a 60% cash back on the opening day via the FriMi app along with the first 50 customers also receiving Rs.1000 worth vouchers. These innovative methods kept the clientele hyped up and ready for the new showroom launch.

According to ZigZag.lk CEO Dinindu Nawarathna, “With a mission to Dress the new Sri Lanka, ZigZag.lk is going all out with an aggressive push over the next few years, both in Colombo and beyond. Our new expansive showroom is just the first step that we are taking to outpace the evolving needs of our increasingly sophisticated clientele. Next, we will take our brick and mortar presence outside of Colombo to five more urban centers by 2021. This is in no small part thanks to the stellar response we have seen from our loyal customers outside of Colombo, we are delighted to note that our outstation orders frequently match and even out-perform those from Colombo.”

The road to the place they have reached was no easy feat but following three and a half years of enduring success, ZigZag.lk has climbed the upper tiers of the Sri Lankan Fashion Industry. A major factor for their accomplishments have been because of their ability to cater to the customers with the latest designs while learning from global trends and incorporating unique fabric fusion designs. As a result, they have managed to tap into the internationally accepted drifts in the market based on what is fashion relevant at the time. Furthermore, ZigZag.lk also owes much of its popularity and success to its hardworking 40 employees who contribute in an efficient manner towards the progress of the company. Not to forget the fact that ZigZag.lk has created 100+ job opportunities for skilled workers in the garment field which have led to some truly iconic collaborations and work.