Crafting a Legacy: Values that Illuminate

name has unfailingly stood the test of time, not solely due to its innovation but because of the
values that guide its journey – Samsung. As the Managing Director of Samsung Sri Lanka, I am
proud to say that our journey isn’t just a tale of global triumph; it’s a narrative woven with ethical
threads that hold the tapestry of our success. In this discourse, we embark on an exploration of
Samsung’s multifaceted identity, peering into its heritage, brand narrative, ethics management,
and the roadmap that beckons on both global and community levels.
The Essence of Time: A Heritage to Cherish
The saga of Samsung dates back to 1938, when Lee Byung-chul took the first steps towards a
vision that would transcend decades. An embryonic trading company grew into a global
powerhouse, touching diverse sectors from textiles to electronics. However, the true
transformation came in the late 1960s and 1970s, when Samsung charted a new course with
electronics at its helm.
The spirit of innovation ignited with the debut of Samsung’s inaugural black-and-white television
in 1970. This marked the genesis of a relentless pursuit of technological excellence, a journey
spanning semiconductors, mobile technology, and pioneering displays. Rooted in a commitment
to quality, adaptability, and innovation, Samsung’s heritage remains a guiding compass.
Unfolding Aspirations: The Samsung Brand Saga
The Samsung brand narrative isn’t a mere chronicle; it’s a symphony of determination. This tale
resonates through the corridors of technological history. From pioneering the first 40-inch LCD
TV in 2005 to unveiling the captivating realm of foldable smartphones, Samsung isn’t just
scripting a story of innovation; it’s crafting a legacy of boundless ambition.

Yet, the narrative transcends innovation—it’s a dance between design and user experience.
The Galaxy series, an embodiment of sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge features, has etched its
presence in the annals of technology. This union of form and function forms the essence of
Samsung’s resonance with its global audience.
Ethics at the Core: Samsung’s Guiding Light.
Ethics management isn’t a peripheral concern for Samsung; it’s an ethos woven into its DNA.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t a mere label—it’s a driving force that propels the
brand forward, guided by integrity and accountability.
On the global stage, Samsung’s supply chain isn’t just efficient; it’s ethical, adhering to stringent
guidelines that encompass labor rights and environmental sustainability. Diversity and inclusion
find a home within the brand, fostering a realm where unique voices are celebrated.
Benevolence weaves its tapestry in Samsung’s narrative, spanning education, healthcare, and
disaster relief—a living testament to the brand’s commitment to better the world.
Pioneering Paths: Future Unveiled
On the global horizon, Samsung’s compass points to innovation, sustainability, and unwavering
corporate responsibility. It’s a roadmap painted with the hues of AI, 5G, and quantum
computing, all framed within the canvas of environmental consciousness. Samsung’s blueprint
encompasses manufacturing fortification, research and development, and an unyielding
commitment to community engagement. Education, healthcare, and environmental conservation
carve the path ahead.
Samsung isn’t just a brand—it’s a legacy. It’s a convergence of technology, values, and a
commitment that transcends the ordinary. As I look into the future, the essence of Samsung
remains intact: to innovate, to empower, and to craft a better world that echoes the values
etched into our DNA.
Empowering Sri Lanka: A Local Symphony
In Sri Lanka, Samsung isn’t just a brand; it’s a catalyst for progress. Beyond the realms of
technology, Samsung’s imprint reaches into community development, scripting stories of
empowerment. Educational initiatives, technology accessibility drives, and environmental
stewardship initiatives are but threads in a tapestry that enriches local lives.
About the Author
The writer, SangHwa Song, serves as the Managing Director of Samsung Sri Lanka. His
dedicated service to Samsung spans from 2003 to 2023, beginning in the Biz Innovation Group
(2003-2007) and continuing through his tenure in the SWA (South West Asia) Sales &
Marketing Team (2007-2023). Song’s professional journey has spanned across diverse
locations, including Bangladesh (2010-2014), India (2017-2021), and now his current role in Sri
Lanka (2023~). His expertise is founded on a Master’s in Electrical & Electrical Engineering

(2003) from South Korea, forming the bedrock for his role in shaping Samsung’s path towards

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